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Well, I'd been seeing all these random things about the new Adravil Latrine video and I pretty much blew it off because I'm not a fan of her music, plus when Complicated came out, they ran it ad nauseum on the radio (and one of my ex's said that an ex of his said this song reminded her of him and that gem got passed on to me, so ew!) and I was pretty much done after that.  But then came her "Hello Kitty" video?!

As a Hello Kitty person myself, I'm insulted she besmirched the good name of Hello Kitty with a crappy song and a crappy cheesy video to go with it.  As you can see Bison Kitty does NOT approve at all!  See how angry she is?!


I'd be angry too if someone ever did a subpar song/ video with the title called Aachannoichi!

Nevermind the whole her speaking Epanglnese at the beginning!  Spitting out "kawaii", "Mina psycho!" "Arigatou"?!  For real?!  Ugh...  I am embarrassed for you Adravil.

And everyone on the news is complaining about how insensitive to Japanese people it is, but for me it's more ridiculous than insensitive.  It made her come off like a massive ass rather than someone who liked or admired Japanese culture.  The whole thing smacked of trying WAY too hard.  I know people were all upset about Gwen Stafani when she had her little (fake) Harajuku Girls toting around her during the What Are You Waiting For bit, but that seemed to have a lot more class then this.  This was just a technicolor neon dayglow nightmare, set to really REALLY crappy music!

The song itself was an absolute mess!  I didn't even watch more than 30 seconds, before my brain was like, "Turn this crap off, because you're irreversibly damaging precious brain cells."  I turned the video off because I knew my brain was right.

What was she trying to do, because nothing about this was good.

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