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It's story time!

Just when I thought the Resident Evil news couldn't get any worse, I find out that they're in the process of making a sixth abysmal Resident Evil movie.  Apparently it's in production right now.  Sigh...  Oh God, this means more Milia Jololovich running around wet and naked and more general craptasticness.  Why do they continue to make these movies?  I think the last movie was only in the theaters for a week maybe two, but who goes to see these movies that they feel compelled to waste time, money, effort, brain cells, good movie film, manpower, make up, and anything else you want to name to continue to make these movie?!  I'm sure at this point if they're even making a fraction of the money the spent back, it has to be on Blu-ray/ DVD rentals, but I'm sure they can't be making money from that to even remotely justify another crappy movie.


I don't even know?!  But where storytime comes in today is I'm going to venture back to 1998 or 1999 or so.  The second Resident Evil game had just come out and in Japan, zombie movie creator George Romero had created a commercial for Biohazard 2 (aka Resident Evil 2) and the there was a lot of buzz being generated about him making an actual Resident Evil movie.  I remember when this was going around kawaii_neko23 and I were pretty pumped and scared out of our minds for it.  And we were looking forward to a pretty decent and scary Resident Evil movie.  We (foolishly) thought it would be close to the way the game was, which would have been good considering most video game movies suck.

But alas, Capcom rejected the Romero scrpit and about three years later or something, the first of many God awful Resident Evil movies came out and I remember going to the movies fully prepared to be disgusted, but coming out far more disgusted than I'd ever possibly imagined.  I still say the best one out of all of them was the second movie, because that at least tried to try to be like the games.  The rest were just a disaster and just continue to get progressively worse (which I don't even understand how that's humanly possible!) than anyone could ever possibly imagine.

But anyway, in my travels across the vastness of the internet, I saw that someone had posted up Romero's Resident Evil script.  I haven't read it all, but what I did read I liked far better than anything Paul Anderson has cranked out.  Why oh why did Crapcom reject the Romero script?!  Again, what pills are they handing out a Crapcom to make them so delusional?!

Here's a link to Romero's script.  Enjoy it, because it's the closest thing we'll EVER get to a decent Resident Evil movie.  I think a bunch of cosplayers should get together and perform this script as written then post the movie online.  I'd back it if someone did a Kickstarter for it!
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