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Musings on writing The Whistleblower

I am so happy that I finished up The Whistleblower.  I think this is the first time that I said a story wasn't going to go beyond X amount of chapters and it didn't.  Remember when I wrote Love's Sorrow?  That sucker was originally supposed to be 5 chapters long.  Well 22 additional chapters, an epilogue, and 5 years later...!  The same thing happened with Wesker's Conquest.  I think that was supposed to be like about 5 or 6 chapters and that ended up being this sweeping epic.  Yeah, me and chapter stories are getting to be kinda sketchy.  Thankfully, I stayed on track with this one.

Idea for this story- One day I was kinda bored and I was on Youtube and I decided to watch one of my Resident Evil playlists, which was for The Umbrella Chronicles.  So while I was watching the "Dark Legacy" part and it just kinda hit me out of the blue to write about when Wesker turned over part of the files regarding the destruction of Raccoon City to the prosecution.  I remember, It was such a quick thought and as soon as I thought about it, I started writing stuff down.

Title- As a former student of Business Administration, I had to take a couple of Business Law classes and I remember in one of those classes, it covered Whistleblower laws.  This is the Wikipedia definition for Whistleblower: is a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization.  Grant it, according to this definition Wesker has participated in this illegal activity, but whatever.  Anyway, that was where the idea for the title came from.

Wesker's Characterization- Actually, I don't know how I feel about Wesker's characterization this time.  For my tastes, he was a little too much the straight man, but I guess he needed to be in order to accomplish his goal of taking down Umbrella. Personally, I prefer my Wesker to have a duality to his nature, but I guess for this story, him being very narrow worked well.

Other Characters- I always knew that I was going to throw Chris into it at the epilogue.  I kinda grappled with the idea of him telling Tim about Wesker or Tim finding out on his own.  I think I liked Chris telling him better.

As for Tim, I wanted him to be a young and hungry prosecutor full of vigor and high ideals, I think I managed to pull that off.  Oh and it was a last minute decision to have him fall in love with the young woman who lost her entire family in Raccoon City.  Even though she wasn't a completely flushed out character, I thought she deserved a happy ending.

The Use of Anagrams- Yeah, I struggled with this for awhile!  I took out the Earl Webstreck part at least three or four times, before I finally though to have Wesker tell Tim Earl Webstreck was an anagram for Albert Wesker.  When I did that, I felt a lot more comfortable with keeping it in the story.  But pretty much we know who it is when Tim first encounters Wesker outside his gym.

Oh endless thanks to http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram/.  That was how I found out Earl Webstreck was an anagram for Albert Wesker.

Favorite line(s)- I did like the entire exchange between Wesker and Judge McNamara.  The way he artfully dodged the questions was kinda fun to write.  But my favorite line is right after Tim finds out Wesker's real identity and he says, “Thank you Mr. Wesker, you’re a true hero for what you’ve done.” He said softly. “God bless you Mr. Wesker.” I love that line, because we ALL know how evil Wesker is, so it's funny to hear someone actually say, he was a "hero" and "God bless you".

The Ending- I grappled a little with the ending, but not too much.  Mostly it was making the decision on whether or not Chris would tell him or not.  Also in my mind, I was going to have Jill and Claire with him, when he went to Ivy University.  Oh and speaking of Ivy University, yeah, that was a very VERY last minute addition, but I thought it was fitting to try and tie in something from Resident Evil 6.

Easter Eggs- In part 2, there is a reference to Tim having seven minutes to make a decision to meet with Wesker at the French restaurant.  Honestly, I wasn't going to do a 7 minutes joke, but I couldn't help myself.  It was lame I know, but what's life without whimsy.

Another thing I threw in...  I don't know if you realize this, but all my Resident Evil stories (with the exception of the alternate universe story, The Chronicles of Albert Wesker, The Test, and You are Cordially Invited) all tie to one another in some way, shape, or form.  Each of them has a line or something that ties to another story.  In this, the exchange between Tim and Wesker where Tim asks, "Are you serious?" and Wesker responds, "I never joke Mr. Bruick."  That line comes from The Last Recruit, where upon telling Chris the position in S.T.A.R.S. is his if he beats him in a marksmanship contest, Chris says, "Are you serious?" and Wesker's response then is "I never joke Mr. Redfield."

But that's all I have.  Oh yes, I am aware I need to do massive editing to The Whistleblower.  Give me a few days and I'll spruce up my mistakes.  But for now I'm finished with this fanfiction and probably for a little while.  I have other things I need to concentrate on.  And really, I'm expecting once The Evil Within comes out, I'll be pulling stories out for that.
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