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School'd ya bitch!

A couple of hours ago I had a rather unpleasant phone convsersation with Donna the Psycho. Basically Jeremiah called her to ask permission to borrow Jose's bike and she said he could; even though she doesn't live here and had no idea where he was going, and didn't bother to ask.

So Jose told her she didn't have the right to do that and she started screaming at him, like she always does. So I pretty much had had my fill of her doing that to him, so I asked Jose to give me the phone and much to my surprise he did. So I told her that Jose was a little frustrated with her and I tried to tell her that if a situation like this ever happened again to just have him call his father or me wait to get an answer. So she continues to half scream at me for everything from telling her how to raise the boys, to demanding I tell the school I'm Jeremiah's stepmother (which I have done several times by the way), and then had the gall to say to me, and I quote, "That's why I don't like you Adrienne. You ruined everything."

I didn't get loud. I didn't scream. I said as calmly and plainly, "While my actions may not have been above board, the reason why your relationship with Jose is over is because of you."

Yeah that was enough to shut her up and proceed to hang up on me. What was that some old rap my brother use to listen to said, "If the truth hurts you'll be in pain. If the truth drives you crazy then you'll be insane!"

Apparently later on, after I left to run an errand, she called back crying and saying how it wasn't right to make her speak to me. Well, not my fault you get told! Next time you wanna act like an uber bitch you may want consider the person you are speaking to may be far bitcher and way more evil.

And since this is an open entry I have this to say to The Psycho (even though she'll never see this):

Just consider today as my warning shots. While I will never scream and yell at you, I do possess the intellect and cruelty to completely destroy you. The next time you choose to say some YOU deem as hurtful, know that I cut WAY deeper than you ever will, so my suggestion to you is don't ever try to verbally assault me again, because it's a battle you're not equipped to win.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, donna the pyscho, jose, really?!, schadenfreude-tastic

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