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And that's what your dumb bunny butt deserves!

This gem comes via Facebook via Reddit.  One of my friends posted this up on their Facebook.  The long and the short of it was, some guy who had been dating a plus sized girl, wanted to meet skinnier ladies because he wasn't happy about her size.  EVEN THOUGH when they met and started dating she was plus sized, but whatever!  So he wanted to meet women who better matched what he was looking for size wise and suggested to either "open" up the relationship, or break up.  How you can even say that to a person I don't even know, but yeah, he said it and after a while she agreed to it.

So he gets a profile on Fetlife (which is a BDSM social media site and don't ask how I know that, cause I'm not telling you!) and he starts chatting with some women on there, but says he's only gotten one date with someone he wasn't attracted too.  Meanwhile, she gets a Fetlife account, and she's gotten all kinds of dates and not with shulb dudes either!  He said when he bumped into her on a date and she was with some really handsome burly dude with loads of tattoos.  She introduced her date to her boyfriend and the guy said, "if she were my girlfriend, she'd be mine and mine only!"  I'm sure an ass like the boyfriend never expected her to be on a date, let alone with someone buff and good looking.  But anyway, she's had a boat load of dates and boat loads of sensual work done with some of the guys she met; so now he's all jealous and angry he gave her that ultimatum and wants to "close" the relationship.

You know what?!  Dude got EXACTLY what he deserved and I personally have ZERO sympathy for him.  He obviously thought he was "helping" her out by dating her, but was obviously "waiting for something better to come along" and he thought he could find it, but it was all a fairytale and he just KNEW because she was a "fat girl" she would NEVER find someone, or at a low someone better than him.


Take it away Nelson:

I love that ridiculous idea that just because a woman does not fit that bogus standard of idealized beauty, she'll never get a boyfriend, be in a relationship, never get married, let alone ever get laid.  Or if we do, it's with a guy who's a "fat" guy.  And it's what we deserve because all "fat" girls do is lay around and eat donuts all day.  What a person eats does not mean we'll NEVER have any of the above.

I have had a fair amount of boyfriends, lovers, booty calls, and I'll be getting married in 4 months (4 months to the day tomorrow...  I need to get it together for this wedding, but that's a story for a different entry).  And not all of them have been bigger guys either.  10 years ago, I went out with this MEGA SEXY dude from the UK.  And as we walked around Philadelphia I got glares of all kinds from the "skinny" women who saw us together, especially when he would kiss me.  Oh the glares of jealously were unreal!  I'm sure the thought was, "how could a fat bitch like that get someone sexy like him?"  Pardon?  I'm just as sexy as anyone else!  Being a size 2 or 22 doesn't matter.  He saw me and was instantly attracted to me, so don't be mad about it!  You just mad that you couldn't get any of Sexy English Dude and I did.  So how you like me now?!

Same thing when I'd be with Alex, who was my 2nd boyfriend.  Tall, light brown hair, light brown eyes, sorta buff, and just drool-tastic good looking.  And even then I was a "fat girl".  I've dated CEO's, a President of a Company, managers of International Business...  I've dated some really interesting people and ALL while I was between a size 18 through 22.  So for my fellow plus sized ladies out there, don't let anyone make you believe you are not beautiful, attractive, or sexy because of your size.  There are PLENTY of QUALITY dudes out there who like larger women and will treat you with the love and respect you deserve!

As for this jackass, he got everything he deserved and I hope she dumps his ass for the burly guy with the tattoos she was more attracted to than him.  Because if he quote unquote "settled" for being with her, it seems like she settled hardcore too!
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