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I'm getting that Resident Evil 2 feeling...

Remember way back in late 1997, when I was all hysterical for Resident Evil 2 to come out and then Shinji turned around and said, "You know what would be fun?  If we scrapped like 60% of the game?"  Well, he didn't actually say that, but he did actually DO that.  But really, I can't fault the man.  As previously mentioned, in looking at Resident Evil 2 (or as it's titled now, Resident Evil 1.5) I can see why he scrapped it, because it was kinda a mess.  But now, we're having the same issue with The Evil Within, well...  Just in the fact that the release date has been pushed back, I don't think he's going to scrap 60% of The Evil Within; at least I hope not anyway.

Well, so much for my hopes and dreams of this game coming out before the wedding.  And I really could have used the distraction, because I know the days leading up to the grand event.  Oh well...  If I get a brand spanking new trailer for it at E3 in two weeks I guess I'll call it even, but I will still be disappointed though.

But apart from getting the release date pushed back by a whole two months there was some new information about The Evil Within and it's just going to be SUPER SCARY.  Something I kinda already knew, but just had it doubly confirmed was that the zombie-esque enemies (called The Haunted) have to be set on fire or else they'll pop back up, even with having their heads blown off.  Oh that's not good.  Another thing is you have to be careful of the trap, because while they can help you dispose of The Haunted, they can also dispose of you too.

But by far the scariest news had to be about Ruvik.  Oh snap, that dude!  That dude is some serious bad news.  It looks like he's taking over where Neme (Nemesis from RE3) and Lisa Trevor (from the Resident Evil remake) left off, but worse.  Apparently Home Skillet can't be killed!  Then on top of that Ruvik must never be approached, because he'll do, quote, "massive amounts of damage" to you, so you'll have to run screaming from him.  Plus some of his appearances are scripted and some, in true Shinji style, are random!  Oh Lord...  Remember how sketchy Resident Evil 3 was with their "random action" sequences?  Sometimes things would happen when they weren't supposed to happen, sometimes nothing at all would happen when something was supposed to happen...  Well, I'm pretty much expecting the same thing to happen this time too.

Sigh...  Oh this is going to be so scary.  It's been awhile since I saw a game that had me completely so scared silly, that I was afraid of the dark for a week.  I think the last time that whole scared of the dark thing was going around was when I watched Silent Hill 2 back in 07 or 08...  And I've watched all kinds of scary games since then, but none that have made me not want to get out of bed to go to the bathroom until daylight and yes I have done that on a few occasions.

But this is the article I saw that talked about how scary it was and here is the next mini people playing the game and getting scared trailer.  And while I am disappointed the release date has been pushed back, I guess it's a good thing in the long run.  I was just really hoping the game would have come out before the wedding, because y'all are going to leave me to suffer and watch Jose attempt to play it...  And that's never a good thing.  Need I remind you of the The Last of Us incident.  Well, it's going to be like that but much MUCH MUCH worse!
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