aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

When did fandom get so stupid?

I mean has it always been that way and I never realized it?  Am I just getting too old and starting to realize how juvenile people are, especially online, because online you can say or do any vile thing you want because it's anonymous for the most part?  Help me out here, because I seriously don't understand.

Yeah, so on my Facebook this morning, someone had posted a link to some really weird and random Youtube video talking about how Westerners are terrible at cosplay, because they don't have the body type or skin tone to pull off cosplay.  Furthermore, Westerners are making ALL cosplayers look bad and to please stop cosplaying because it gives all the great Asian cosplayers a bad reputation.

First of all (And again, you know it's about to be some stuff when a topic starts off with "first of all"), I don't know who died and made this person Lord of all things cosplay, but who ever did seriously lied to you.  People, be they Asian, Caucasian, African, Aboriginal, Native, whomever!  Even an alien from a distant galaxy far off into the deepest cluster of stars and planets millions of miles away from earth has the right to cosplay whoever and whatever they wish!

Can I say that I am so sick of this debate of, "You should only cosplay as the people you look like."  If I did that I would never cosplay!  Grant it I haven't cosplayed in a number of years, but still!  I don't know what gives people the right to say completely stupid and utterly insensitive crap like this?!  If you don't like what someone of a different race has cosplayed as, don't take their picture or don't discuss their choice in character.  How about this, don't say anything and shut the hell up!  You don't have to agree, but you should just shut the hell up, because no one asked for your dumbass opinion anyway and if they did, you don't have the right to judge.

Need I remind people that cosplay is a sub-culture.  By the general population at large, cosplayers, even within Asian society, are considered "weirdos", "freaks", "nerds", "dweebs", or at absolute worst "pathetic losers".  Why are we spending so much time tearing down people who are already considered "outcasts"?  The fact that we are all cosplayers should unite us!  We should feel a sense of pride and togetherness, because dressing as a character we love, even in the face of a society who looks at us with disdain, has brought all of us together.  I know when I first started cosplaying, that how it used to be and really, it's how I wish to remember it.

I thought it was weird how they talk about racism, but their whole argument is based on how Asians make far superior cosplayers, which I don't know if they've noticed, but THAT'S RACIST TOO!  You can't use a racist argument to counter an equally racist argument!  That makes no sense and is completely illogical.  I guess they figured if they used a racist argument to counter a racist argument would balance out, but no!

And really, I'm happy you feel a sense of pride in your heritage, because you should be proud of your heritage, but anytime you take that pride and spin it into a "my race is better than yours" type thing...  I don't know, you come off looking like a huge gaping asshole.  And let me state that no one's race is better than another because we're all human and we are all fallible.

I'm actually not going to post a link to the video up, because just talking about this has sickened me and it's given too much attention to an otherwise dumbass conversation that really shouldn't be taking place.  But let me say as a final note on this subject, leave people alone to enjoy themselves and be happy in their hobby.  You don't like what they're wearing, then just ignore them and go about your daily business.
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