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Just a tiny sip...

Alright y'all.  I had to really really dig for this, but I found a little tiny smattering of information on The Evil Within during E3.  Can I just say, that Shinji must be keeping a close lid on this game, but I am very grateful for when he lets little things out of the bag.

So awhile back when the Pax East trailer came out, I watched Yong Yea's analysis video of it (with an about time because all he's been talking about primarily was stupid ass MGS5, which I'll cover later) and he said he couldn't figure out what this was supposed to be:

Sebastian Upgrade

Originally I thought this was supposed to be some elaborate trap/ torture device used to probe into Sebastian's ever weakening mental state as he progresses through the game, but as it turns out, it's the upgrading system, which is kinda messed up.  Apparently you find these beacon lighthouse symbols (Beacon Mental Hospital get it, hurk hurk!) and it will take you to a place that has this chair so you can upgrade your health, firing accuracy, stamina, ect.  While that's nice, the sound it makes when in punchers your skull doesn't sound nice and when you get out of the chair Sebastian kinda looks like, "Why is my life like this?"

Sebastian Ouch

Also, I'm thinking this "place" where the upgrading chair is, is probably a safe haven, because it didn't look like there were any creepy monsters around, just some nurse lady at the front desk.

Sebastian and Nurse

I wonder if she'll be able to heal you while you're in this unknown place?

When you come out of that space, this you end up at the creepy mansion and you see this doctor, whom I think is that Leslie guy you see in the Pax East trailer, taking some dude off into this long hallway:

Carting Off

And then the big door closes behind them and off Sebastian goes to explore the creepy mansion.

While you're in this mansion you see a blue light flash:


Sorry the picture is so jacked, but it was the best one I could screen capture, because this light flashing happens really quickly and it took about three or four tries to get this picture of it.  But this blue light special is what I call the Ruvic Early Warning System (REWS).  When you see this blue flashing light, that means it's time to run like hell because Ruvic is in the neighborhood and NO GOOD can come of Ruvic being local to Sebastian!  Remember, Ruvic can't be killed and will swipe massive amounts of energy from you, so running away from him is the ONLY option!

Ruvic Bustin Through

Ooooh...  No...  That situation right there is NEVER any good!


And while the pictures don't do this part justice, dude playing as Sebastian was running away from Ruvic but somehow Ruvic ended up in front of him.  I'm really not liking this whole Ruvic situation at all, but moving on.

So health regeneration.  Normally, in a non-Shinji game, when you see a large health pack, especially after a tense situation like say running into someone who can't be killed; normally, you smile, you're thanking your lucky stars that there is a large health pack. Tears of joy may pour from your eyes, so a situation like this one is usually a time of joy and celebration:

Health Pack

But not in The Evil Within!:

LHP Distortion

Yeah, I know, it's really distorted isn't?!  It's not the way I did the screen capture because this was truly the best picture I could get of it before the view went really wacky.  But when you use a Large Health Pack, it sorta overwhelms your system and your vision becomes blurry and distorted for a short period of time, so you have to pick and choose when would be a good time to use a large health pack and when it wouldn't be.  It was said this effect won't happen if you use the smaller health packs only the large ones.  Oh man...  That's just wrong, but I love it!

Well damn Shinji!  This is going to be scary as all get out.  Oh snap!

I'll cover more about E3 a little later, but I did want to cover what little we got for The Evil Within first.  I am satisfied with this new demo and the new information and that should hold me over for a little while.

Edit- Oops, I forgot to post the link to the video where I saw this.  You'll find it here!  Enjoy!
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