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The rest of E3 2014

Besides the Evil Within news I got, I did watch both the Microsoft and Sony press conferences and I have to say, I wasn't super impressed with X-Cocks Uno's press conference.  I kept waiting and waiting for something to get excited over, but it really never came.  Like, I thought whatever that was with Dead Rising 3 Super Alpha Hyper EX @ 2 or whatever that was, was funny, but no; it wasn't what I was looking for.  Assassins Creed looked pretty cool, but I missed a lot of that because I had to take a phone call.  I did like that one indie game that looked like an old 1940's cartoon.  That looked really cool and fun to play, but I don't know what the name of that was.  I kinda liked the game where you were the monster hunter or could be the monster, but I don't know...?  It's kinda like been there done that.

Then there was Hideki Kamiya's new game, but the guy looks a little like Dante, from Devil May Oink, gave up on life (which actually in watching the last Devil May Oink game is probably true) and became a dinosaur hunter.  Honestly, I liked it and I can't wait to see what it's all about, but I don't know if I would go out of my way to buy it.  Maybe once a little more information about it comes out I'll become more interested, but for now, I'll file it in the, "I'm neither one way or another" file.

But yeah, I kept wait with bated breath for X-Cocks to say something that would knock my socks off, but it never happened.  Now Sorny on the other hand, I enjoyed watching their press conference a lot.  I came in on it a little late because I had class last night, but I think I'd only missed like three announcements and one of which was Little Big Planet 3.  I liked LBP, but I never really played it.  I think I'm still on pretty much the tutorial section, because for me it's just a cutesy-poo game not anything I would spend hours on or anything.  I generally play that once in a great while when I want to break out something not super serious.  So I was fine with missing that.

Where I came in was the middle of the monster game Bloodborne.  That looked kinda fun and scary, but what I loved was The Last of Us Remastered...  Yo, they took an already beautiful game and made it drop dead gorgeous!  Oh man!  I didn't think they could make something that amazing better, but they did and I'm not really a graphics whore like that.  I can't wait to see people play that one.  You know what else was pretty?  Mortal Kombat.  As stated multiple times, I lost my passion for fighting games.  But just because I lost my passion for them, doesn't mean I can't like the way it looks and oh yeah, it looked spectacular.  Batman was looking really hot too.

Dead Island 2...  I don't know about Dead Island 2, because I tried to give the first Dead Island some play, but it was kinda boring and didn't scare me.  And you know that's really bad if you can't scare someone who's scared of zombies!  But I know that was a sentiment share by a lot of people in the gaming community, that Dead Island didn't live up to the trailers it had.  The trailer for Dead Island 2 was interesting, with the guy jogging and turning into a zombie, but pretty much I'm kinda like I don't know...?  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I'll punch you in the balls!  I'll put it on the "Maybe if I'm bored" list, but as for the excitement like the first one....  Nope, I'm going to tread lightly, because the first one wasn't that great.

Oh and I was forced to watch a Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer, which I did not appreciate at all.  And yeah, I'm still done with Metal Gear!  I know a lot of people are hot for this game, but I'm getting that pretentious as boink feeling.  I mean the imagery is already WAY overblown!  Snake-n-bake or whatever the crap Blojima is calling him these days, smearing the ashes of his departed comrades all over his face?!  Really?!  And the song that was playing, while really cool...  Was just trying WAY too hard to tug at the old heartstrings.  Sigh...  Yes, yes, I know it's going to have father Otacon in it, but ugh...  NO!  And yes, I understand that the odd numbered games have a tendency to be better than the even numbered ones, but again NO!  I'm completely OVER Metal Gear.

No David Hayter.  Too much trying really hard to get you to feel bad for Papa, when you really didn't need all these extra side stories because we got it in MGS3, but whatever!  And just far too much Hideo Blojima, having written, directed, produced, and probably edited the game.  Hell to the M-F'in No!  No way in heck will I partake in anything having to do with this game.  Actually, up to this point, I've not had anything to do with Metal Gear either.  When "The Ground Zeros" came out, I was like nope!  So when 5 comes around I'm going to be like, "let go watch some more Evil Within".  Screw Hideo Blojima and Screw Metal Gear!  And if you told me I'd be like this even two years ago, I wouldn't have believed you, but yup...  Metal Gear and I are completely over!

Other than that, out of the two press conferences, I think the Sony one was better.  They had a lot of information and showcased a lot of different games.  X-Box wasn't terrible, but I think we all were waiting for something earth shattering to appear and it really didn't happen.  I try to watch these press conferences with an open mind and don't let my biases get in the way, but maybe in some way I do.  But if I had to pick a console for a next gen, it would have to be PS4, because it just seems like it's trying hard to offer a lot more than the Xbox One is.

Oh and one more quick thing.  Did they come out with any information with Resident Evil 7 yet?  I thought I saw someone had a screen capture picture of a new Resident Evil website which said something along the lines of Resident Evil Enhanced Veronica.  But what is that supposed to mean?!  And is that what they're doing for RE7 now?  I thought that stupid Alice chick was supposed to be in it or whatever?!
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