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Aa-chan wedding rap...

Oh yes I went there a little bit ago.  I got an email from Sharyn from my venue and while I was nervous when I opened the email, it turned out it was nothing, so I said, "I've got 99 problems, but my venue ain't one."  Then I started rapping, "I got 99 problems but my venue ain't one.  If you bridal problems I feel bad for you son!  I've got 99 problems but my venue ain't one!"

Ah yes, I needed that laugh, because apparently the dress shop where my mom got her dress from can't seem to find her dress or order in their system and I'm waiting for the lady at the shop to call me back.  Uh, my mother brought and completely paid for her dress and I really want them to give her what she paid for...

Oh wait...  That's them on the phone hang on....

So, they found the dress, but have not done the alternations on it yet and they don't do alternation appointments on Saturday, only Monday through Thursday...  While that does free up my weekend to go to the museum with Jose, it does however present a problem because she works during the day...  Sigh...

I told you I had 99 problems but my venue ain't one!

But this was information not told to us when mom purchased her dress.  In fact, I'm almost 100% certain that mom in paying for her dress, also prepaid for the alterations too and they were supposed to turn her dress from a zip up side thing to a corset back and to do that they had to remove the train on the dress.  Oh they also said it would be done and she'd get a call in early May and it's now mid-June with nothing done to the dress at all.  Well isn't this a big bucket of peaches!

Side note: These are problems I've noticed in the two dress shops I've previously had to deal with and I will make sure that when I have my dress shop it will be way better organized and people will be called immediately upon getting the dress in so additional appointments can be made if necessary.

But that aside...  I'm hoping to get her an appointment sometime next week so they can get this work done, because she's already paid for the dress, she'll need it for the wedding, and she'll need it a week before she actually leaves!

Oh man, is it October 21st yet?  That's the new date for The Evil Within to come out and it will 1 month + a day AFTER the wedding is over.  Something that's actually fun scary, not annoying scary.
Tags: come on now?!, petty annoyances, really?!, wedding planning

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