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I claim these stories for the queen!

Awhile ago, I lost my fanfiction cd and I've been kinda frantic about finding it, because it had a lot of unfinished and unpublished Metal Gear stories on it.  I have no idea where in Tampa it is, but I've been worried about it for awhile.  However, now that I'm up in Philly, I found my old Toshi Backup Cd.  Toshi, for all those who came post 2005, Toshi Teverusky Toshiba 2400-S202 was my very first laptop I purchased when I was a student in Alaska back in 2002.  Toshi and I were inseparable until he finally died in 2005.  And a week before my first Metal Gear Panel no less.  So that is how I ended up with Teveru Akira Toshiba, my second laptop.  However when Toshi died, it took all my old Metal Gear fanfiction with him.

However, I was able to have someone pull all the information off of Toshi and that's when I found a butt load of classic Metal Gear fanfiction and probably about 99% of those stories I wrote.  I'm missing a few, but more or less, most of them are on that disk.

*Insert angelic choir sound*

Dude, it was some good ass stories on here too!  I read one that the title suggested was about Big Boss and Snake, but turns out it was about The Sorrow and Ocelot!  I had no idea I'd even started a story about them meeting and needless to say I have no idea where I wanted to take it, but the 1 and a quarter pages I had were really good.  A lot of the stories about The Boss and Papa were on there too, but not this particular one I wanted to read, about the night he and The Boss had gone drinking and he had come back with a hangover and discovered he and The Boss were in a bar fight.  I'll probably have to pull the harddrive from Teveru to find that one.

However, it was really cool to find some of my old fanfiction.  I know how disgusted I am with the Metal Gear franchise (and how much I want to beat Blojima with a rusty metal pole like he was a gigantic pinata), so it's good to read stories from times when I was madly in love with Metal Gear.  I'll probably never have those days again, but I said that with Resident Evil...  You know what though, I probably won't because my hated for Metal Gear is something I don't feel when it comes to Resident Evil.  My feelings about Resident Evil are more like a parent disappointed in the fact their teenage son, so full of potential, ended up in juvenile hall.  The burning hatred I feel for Metal Gear is something I don't think I could accurately describe.

Anyway, I have to think about taking all those stories and posting them up to as a collection of unfinished stories somewhere.  Probably not fanfiction.net though.  I know they have rules about posting up unfinished stuff (even though a lot of my stories are unfinished).

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