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Years and years ago, I had this dream where kawaii_neko's Dad came in and told us that he had gotten ticket's to MTV's Rock Against Racism concert and that he didn't want to go so we could have the tickets.  So we go and Kawaii_neko23 is sitting next to Eminem and they were complaining about some musician that was on stage and she was making him laugh.  A little while later, we were all walking to this picnic area with the rock group Anthrax and when we get over to the table we sit and someone knocks this cake onto the ground and I go under the table to pick it up.  As I place the cake on the table, the guy with the beard, Scott Rosenfeld, asks me, "What kind of cake was that?"  And I reply, "It was an apple crumb cake."  Then I rub my hands together over top of the cake and sprinkle crumbs on top of the cake and finish answering, "And here's your crumbs!"  He starts laughing and that's when I woke up.  I think I woke up laughing at that too.

But I said all of that to say what the crap happened to Scott Ian Rosenfeld?!  I was one Facebook and someone had a picture of Anthrax with Babymetal up and I was like bwuh?!  Just look at this:


What happened to you Scott!?  Wow, he has a grey beard now and it's tripping me out.  Wow, how times have changed...
Tags: bwuh, dreams

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