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The vision of the future...

You know...  We are 14 years into the 21st century and while we have had amazing strides in technology, where are my hover things?!

In the Jetsons everything hovered.  Cars hovered.  Scooters hovered.  Even the houses hovered over the sky!  Back to the Future (a movie I wasn't fond of mind you), I think that had like a hover bike or skateboard or something.  But 14 years in and friggin' NOTHING HOVERS!  What the crap?!  We are all promised that stuff would hover by this point in human history!

No hover skates, no hover bikes, no hover scooters....  And I have yet to see something super cool like a hover car or train.  And no, I probably wouldn't buy or even try to get a license for a hover car, but it would be nice to have the option to get a license for a hover car.  Or take a 20 minute hover train ride from Tampa to Philly...  Although that would never happen considering the trains here in the US are about 30 years behind everyone else.  While Japan and Europe would have hover trains, we'd still be on rails from 1945.  But it would be nice to have hover things.

Oh 2014 you disappoint me...

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