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It's been a crazy few days and today is the first day I could relax and not feel like tearing my hair out by the roots.  So while I was taking this little breather, I completely forgot that I was working on another Wesker fanfiction last Thursday.  Actually, it's one that I started about a year or two ago, when I was still super hot for all things Albert Wesker.  Grant it, I'm still crazy for Wesker, but that's slowly being replaced by an ever growing obsession with The Evil Within.  But getting back on topic, after seeing where I left off with this story, I just picked up and started writing again, like I'd never stopped, but I wrote a line which said something to the effect, you don't really hear the name Wesker a lot and that piqued my interest.

So I went on a quest to find the last name Wesker and to see if it was an actual name and apparently it is.  You would probably mostly find it in the UK, because the first two people I found had that last name and they were both living in the UK.  One was a Sir...  Yes, Sir, as in knighted by the Queen, Sir Arnold Wesker and Lindsey Wesker.  I also saw a Dan Wesker, who is a voice over artist and a German illustrator named Karl Wesker.

However, in my endeavors to find out if there really are Wesker's in the world, I also found out what it means?  According to the Surname Database, Wesker "derives from the words 'viscr', meaning wise, which became 'wisc' in Norman French, with the addition of '(h)ard' meaning brave or bold."  So overall, Albert Wesker means bright and noble wise and brave/ bold.  Pretty awesome.

I also looked up my current last name, which is so awesome!  Apparently its a derivative of Matthew and means, ahem, "Gift of God".  Cool and rather ironic, because I always wanted to name my son Mathias, which also means "Gift of God".  Interesting.  Oh and I did look up my future last name (which I've pretty much said I was keeping my maiden name and not hyphenating, but still).  But that means protector of the well or spring, which was a very important position in the middle ages they said, because control of a fresh water source was control of all life around you.
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