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Crapcom you try so hard...

Yet suck so bad!


As I sit here watching classic Resident Evil 2 I just wonder where it all went wrong?

So before I got in the shower today, I read this article about why there was no information about Resident Evil 7 at E3.  I was wondering what happened, because there was all this, "Oh Crapcom will be debuting RE7!" going around, but when E3 rolled around there was nothing.  Actually, I was kinda glad, because I didn't want anything pulling the rug out from under The Evil Within.  But the reason why there was no news on RE7 was because Crapcom is close to going belly up and money for them was too tight to attend.

Oh well...  That was for the best, I suppose, because I was satisfied with focusing on The Evil Within.  But I'm still kinda like what are they planning on doing with Resident Evil 7?  Because during the whole E3 thing, they were saying that Crapcom was planning on shoehorning that Alice chick from those horrible movies into the game; and I'm still praying that they'll not do that, because once they do that...  It's just nail in the coffin time.  And I know they're adding her to justify throwing cloning into the whole game.  I remember seeing or reading about how they wanted to add that to explain Jake's character, but decided against it.  I know if they throw Alice into the mix someone's going to be cloned, probably Wesker, since they're still saying they're trying to bring him back.

As stated nearly two years ago, the easiest way to bring Wesker back is to say the dude in RE5 (Barely Alive) was the missing "Alex" Wesker guy pretending to be Albert Wesker and it was Alex Wesker that died splashing around in lava and Albert Wesker is still creeping around somewhere.  Will they take that advice?  Probably not, because we all know how silly Crapcom.  But I think it is the best solution if they're planning on bring Wesker back and having him fight some battle royale with Jake.  Which that would only be awesome if when Jake and Wesker met, Wesker told Jake something along the lines of, "You're not my first bastard, nor were you my last!"  That would be so cool and really something I could see Wesker pulling really.  Having an army of children who shared his hyper immunity.  But again, we all know how silly Crapcom is and how they just cannot commit to a plot.  It's almost like they have an allergy to having a consistent cannon.

Oh well, we'll have to see what happens at Tokyo Game Show, but this smacks of an overarching problem with Crapcom.  I've said for years that they've been coasting on former glories and that's what the problem is as a whole.  Crapcom closed down their only really innovative studio, Clover Studio, in favor of cranking out sequel after, sequel after, pointless sequel.  I mean I wasn't too into Okami, Phoenix Right, or Viewtiful Joe, but at least they were something new and innovative.  Maybe if they stopped coming out with stuff like Street Fighter vs. Marvel Alpha Plus Ex Minus 6 to the 8th Power, or Megaman 232nd Why Is This Still A Game and How Is It Even Relevant, or Devil May Oink 16 Dante Goes Ginger, or Resident Evil 77 Tyrants Ahoy and took more risks with new titles, then maybe, just maybe they wouldn't be on the verge of collapse.

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