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This is so fantastically awful!

Before I continue with the entry I stopped working on to do this one, a few nights ago, I was working on stuff and had the television on.  I wasn't really watching what was on and I was sorta flipping channels until The Leftovers came on at 9 or whatever, and on HBO2 or 3 I saw that Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was on and I always wanted to see it, because I suspected it was probably not going to be a good movie.  Not a good movie is being too kind, because it is epically bad!  I mean it's up there with Gnaw Food of the Gods 2 level of bad!  And you would think something like this would have gone straight to DVD, but this actually came out in the theater, which makes it truly a mess.

But anyway, I watched the last about 30 minutes of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and it hilarious and repulsive all at once, and I wanted to see it from the beginning just to get a true understanding of the awfulness.  Upon getting HBO a few weeks ago, I downloaded HBO Go for my PS3 (probably a grave mistake because I am extremely addicted to it) and I suddenly remembered that I wanted to see braham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  I'm glad I remembered that, because today was the last day they had it up to watch!  I was going to hold off watching it, but as I just said, today is the last day it will be up.

Oh God, one of the McPoyle's from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is in this?!

As I watch this, I'm just blown away by the sheer terribleness, but it's so hilarious!  This one part, Lincoln was tied up by the ankles and this "vampire" was going to kill him, but this knife fell out of his belt buckle and into his mouth, so he cuts the vampire's throat with it and then cuts the rope from his ankles...  Oooh Lord!  It's too comical.  I may have to own this movie...!

Yes, I am highly recommending this for my favorite B Movies list.  And it gets extra kudos for actually having the nerve to come out in the movies.  Damn, I wish I had seen it in the theater, because I would have been on the floor crying laughing at this.
Tags: b movies, schadenfreude-tastic

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