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Shots fired!

Edit- We are officially at war people!

Didn't we get another letter from the assholes at the HOA.  If it's not one thing with these bastards, it's another.  What their problem is this time?  Oh we didn't trim the edges and pull the grass in the lines of the pavement.  You must be snorting the best cocaine.

But today, I didn't even have Jose deal with it, I sent them this letter:

Dear Miss ----------------,

We received your supercilious communication from the Home Owners Association, regarding the trimming and edging of weeds around 9xxx Xxx Xxxxx Avenue residence.  Please note it will be rectified in due course.

However, I find it rather satirical that the HOA would have any complaint against anyone when the grounds around the clubhouse were left untended for the better portion of three weeks.  The grass was so high at one point that my 13 year old remarked that he could do a far superior job caring for the grounds over there.  However if a resident isn't within your capricious and rather partisan "guidelines" we have a letter sent to us.  How interesting you condemn residents, who pay your exorbitant monthly fees for what honestly are exceedingly uninspiring services, yet it is acceptable for the HOA to not follow those very same guidelines.  I do applaud the HOA for eventually tending to that issue...

I will inform you when the task is completed.

Resident of Said Address

P.S.  The aforementioned "weeds" are not impeding pedestrian traffic which I could see being a problem; thus it is not understood why this is an issue that would require sending not one, but two letters which contribute to deforestation and pollution.

I can't wait to see what this wench sends me back.  Because I have more snarky responses yet to send them, because my younger stepchild goes to another subdivision for camp and I got their magazine and they said if their rules were too outlandish to let them know and they'll try to loosen them up.  Plus, their pool and clubhouse is 500 times better than the claptrap here!  That's how I know this subdivision is full of shit!

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