aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Why do I do these things to myself...?

Apparently I am either desperate for entertainment today or just glutton for punishment, but I decided to break out my Triad version of MGS4...  Groan!  I don't know why I'm trying to try to watch this because I know just how badly I HATE this game.  And yes, hate is a strong word, but yo this game was a mess and the WORST in the series.  If MGS3 is Blojima at his best, then this is Blojima at his absolute worst and most pretentious!

As I've said before, I was ok with Snake getting old and possibly dying.  I was ok (to a point) with mooing metal gears.  I was (sorta) ok with bringing back stupid Meryl and Raiden, but the plot just lost me all together.  So much more could have been said or did.  So many better explanations could have been talked.  Snake's lack of being able to have children/ aging could have been attributed to degeneration of cells from Big Boss's exposure to radiation, you know, since Snake was a clone and all; but NO!  "Oh Snake's getting old because we programed his genes to do that at a certain arbitrary age!"  Stupidity ex machina!  Ocelot's turning into "Liquid" could have been attributed to the fact he was half The Sorrow's child and he had some of abilities to communicate/ be taken over by the dead, but NO!  It was the nano machines making him like that, and again, stupidity ex machina!

Also what was the whole half date-sim aspect with if something sad happened to Snake his emotional bar would go down?!  I guess Blojima was longing for his Tokimeki Memorial days or something.

Speaking of Blojima, I knew he was a complete and utter ego maniac, In MGS4 by the time you watch the first 10 minutes you've seen Hideo Blojima's name up at least 5 times.  By the time the credits in the beginning finish rolling, you've seen his name 8 separate times!  Really, I mean even Tyler Perry isn't that pretentious.  I think the worst was when I saw that Blojima had actually put himself into that MGS5 demo that was going around a few months ago.  Sigh...  Groan!

Oh well, I guess, I'll continue to watch the mess unfold before me, but this game suffers from what I call Hustler White Syndrome.  Hustler White is a movie that I saw years ago.  And at first it was bad in a campy fun sort of way, but each subsequent time I watched it, it got worse and worse until finally I watched it once and it actually made me angry it was so bad.  So anytime I find a movie that starts off tolerably bad and ends with me wanting to choke the director to a nice cushy eternal sleep, I call it Hustler White Syndrome and MGS4 suffers seriously from Hustle White Syndrome.
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