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Oh I love you man!

I can't believe I missed Sharknado 2 when it came on, especially considering 1) my love of b movies and 2) my love of D.C. Douglas.  While I may have missed Sharknado 2, he (meaning D.C. Douglas) was kind enough to put up the clip of his part in it.  To paraphrase kawaii_neko23, back when we use to watch Guy, "He couldn't even die like a man, he had to get eaten off the side."  Sad, he didn't die in the Sharknado, but of a very random alligator in the sewer bit.  Ah well...

And why is D.C. like the Bill Paxton of random movies?  When I had watched Titanic 2 (The Electric Boogaloo), he had died in that all bad and crazy.  And for the way he died in Titanic 2 I can use the full kawaii_neko23 quote, "He couldn't even die like a man, he had to blow up on the side!"  But it was all in good fun.

Side note: Damn you Nutflix!  You took Titanic 2 down and that was some PRIME comedy that I could go for seeing again!

But I guess since I didn't watch the first Sharknado and Sharknado 2 isn't up on Shamazon or Nutflix yet, I'll watch the first one and complain about that.

10 mins later...

Yeah...  This is a mess.  What the hell was the first scene supposed to be about?!  And Syfy (Swifee as I call it), needs to be shot for making claptrap like this.

Edit- I was so blinded by the pure awefulness of it all, that I forgot to add the video of D.C. Douglas's bit in Sharknado 2 The Electric Boogaloo:

Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, b movies, bwuh, really?!, schadenfreude-tastic

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