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Ooooh snap-doodles!

I just finished watching some German dude play a big part of Chapter 8 on The Evil Within and as suspected, I was screaming my rump off.

Side note:  Poor Dog-a-licious.  I was freaking her out something terrible, because every time Ruvic came out of the woodwork I would be screaming so badly and I guess she could feel my fear or maybe my shrieking bothered her ears, but she'd better get used to it, because when this comes out there will be a lot more screaming coming.

In watching this, I learned two things, one, I can't stand it when people waste time mindless breaking things just to break them.  That just irks the pants off of me and this dude in the later parts of his walkthrough, he was breaking stuff just to break it.  And two there is going to be a lot of fanfiction going around, because this seems like it's going to have stuff that has me captivated.

But let's share some pics of what I saw shall we?

My first pic is probably my favorite.  Look what's making a reappearance!?  The Typewriter!  Aw we missed you man!


I am amused by the reappearance of the typewriter for two reasons, one that was always a cute way to save your game in Resident Evil and I really missed seeing it, and two, I love that this is a very subtle dig at Resident Evil/ Crapcom.  I love you so much Shinji, you are truly the most awesome game developer ever!

Speaking of Shinji, a lot of the stuff in this game stem from Shinji's own fears.  I remember reading or seeing something a little while back, that he is afraid of lobotomies.  So I guess his way of working through this fear is to put it in the game and actually have you perform a type of lobotomy as seen here:


Actually you have to perform three of them to get through the door in the main hall of the mansion:

Chapter 8 PrologueThis is actually a picture I took a while back, but I wanted to show you all the door in question and how it works is you solve these lobotomy puzzles (there's sentence I never in life thought I would say) and when you finish digging the jackhammers or whatever they are into the skull the door will open.

Along the way in this level you'll find ghostly apparitions that spur on the plot.  Very interesting:


Apparition 2

These appear after the lobotomy sequences and they're cool in all, but I don't really want to try to figure out the plot just yet.  I'd rather wait until October and be pleasantly surprised.

There was one more pic I wanted to share, but I actually I didn't get the screen capture of it, so maybe the next time I talk Evil Within turkey, I'll have it together to share.  In the meantime, here is the links to the German dude's Chapter 8 demo walkthrough.  Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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