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Could have offered more....

So the German guy that I started watching, his name is Gronkh...

Side note:  And may I add that Gronkh is really handsome!  He didn't look anything like I expected him too.  And he's my perfect type, blonde hair and blue eyes.  So handsome!  But getting back to my original topic...

Ok, so Gronkh played that demo of Silent Hillz that's going around and I watched it.  I won't completely slam it and say I hated it, but it reminded me of all those games like Slenderman or Amnesia where you're walking around through corridors in first person view and occasionally something creepy would happen.  Was it atmospheric?  Yeah, I guess.  Did I get as jumpy as I do watching The Evil Within, not really.  Like, there was this one part where this creepy chick came out of nowhere and while she was creepy, I didn't scream, jump, or get scared.  It was just sorta like, "Oh there's a creepy chick".  I don't know, I felt like I was waiting and waiting for something to happen and it never did.  I'm hoping that the entire game isn't going to be walking around in first person and flashing lights on stuff, because it's kinda like, "Been there, done that, and brought a whole bunch of tee-shirts on this very topic".

I still contend that there are going to butt long cutscenes and an way over convoluted plot to Silent Hillz, because that's just how Blojima is and kawaii_neko23 told me that's also how Geronimo del Torro tends to direct his moves too.  So...  I don't know about this at all?!  But I'll try to try to give it some play.  I don't have the same blinding hatred with Silent Hill that I have with Metal Gear, but I still don't know how this is going to pan out.  I mean I'll watch it, but it's not looking all that hot.

Here's Gronkh video if you're interested and yes, he will be speaking German in this video:

Tags: come on now?!, really?!, silent hill series, video games

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