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So ok... Remember this entry from last September?!


Well, I never did get an answer to why she was Ultra Pinched and she has since moved away to places unknown, but I've always secretly wondered why the FBI and Agent Hotcakes came looking for her, and this past week I got my answer.

So about two weeks ago, Jose ordered something off the internet, but had it sent to the wrong address.  He had it sent to the house of lady who got Ultra Pinched.  As previously stated she doesn't live there anymore and a new family lives there now.  They've been living there a few months now and it turns out that the new resident had been getting her mail and there is no forwarding address, so he looked up her name and he found out that she had worked for a bank and had embezzled a boat load of money from this bank.  She even had minions doing some embezzling for her; when they came for her it was because they found her because she slid away when the coast was clear.  She wasn't working when I met her, she was a stay at home mother and was pregnant then had a baby, so maybe she used her pregnancy/ maternity leave as a means to weasel away unnoticed.  But that's just speculation on my part.

Wow...  Crazy huh?  Well, I'm glad I finally know the answer as to why the lady across the street got ultra pinched.  It was no mistake either....  Wow...  Just wow!

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