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Shooting the breeze...

There's nothing in particular going on today, I just kinda wanted to shoot the breeze a little bit...  It's strange not having anything in particular that I'm worried about, or excited about, or upset about, I'm in just a semi-quiet frame of mind today, and I just feel like talking.

I've been thinking about coming out of podcast retirement to do an episode on The Evil Within.  As you all know, it has been my vice since I discovered it last year and I've been watching out for any news about it intensely obsessively.  And while I love talking about it on here, I am almost completely swayed to do a full blown podcast about it...?  If I do choose to do one, it may be closer to the actual release date... That will be after the wedding and right after the honeymoon, so I'll have a lot more time to devote to my new hyper obsession, and a little time before the next big life changing thing occurs.  That should be a really good time to do a podcast completely dedicated to The Evil Within.

In other stuff going on, the wedding is slowly but surely pulling its life together.  It was touch an go there for awhile, but yesterday, I went out and got the vases for the tables, although I need a few smaller ones for the tall cocktail tables.  I think I may have finally gotten the cake topper sorted out.  And that was crazy because we weren't sure if the lady could do it, but she could, and we've emailed each other a few times about hair, eye, and skin color.  Hopefully they'll come out well.  If they do turn out well, they'll look like this, but with Jose in front and me in the back.  The reason it's that way, is because he is studying to become a pilot, so it would make sense for him to be in the front piloting and me in the back (probably screaming for dear life!).

There still some stuff for me to do, like get the license (can't get married without a license), send the (wacky) music selection to the DJ, get my ring ordered (Jose already ordered his), get my makeup/ hair lady booked, and get the flowers ordered, as well as the floral design stuff I will need...  Man, for some of that stuff I'll have to break out my limited math skills and figure out how many flowers I will need per-8 inch flower ball.  Some guy on Youtube had a formula on how to figure this out, but I don't remember it off the top of my head, so I'll have to re-watch the video.  I just remember it involved using Pi in part of the equation...  Mmm pie....  Homer Simpson reference aside, I'm sure I'll be able to figure out how many flowers to add to an 8 inch flower ball, but I know it's well over a dozen roses to do so.

I thought it was kinda amusing.  We had to call Sharyn last week and she asked, what time the florist will be arriving.  I wanted to say, she'll already be onsite, because I'm the florist.  Oh gracious...  It's not that I don't think I can do it, it's just that I really wish we could have hired someone, but Jose is grossly opposed to getting flowers in the first place and I know he wasn't going to want to hear paying like $1500+ bucks for flowers.  As it is, I have to calculate out how many flowers I'll need, but I still think it's in the upper $700 to $850 dollar range.  Especially if I end up doing the design for the ceremony space...  Oooh...  It's not going to be easy to convince him, but he did go for the design concept I had for the ceremony space, so you never know.

Man, I can't believe that today is one month to the day...  Good day in the morning!  Where did the year rush off to?  Not that this year has been all that wonderful.  It's been a lot of sucktasticness that went on; grant it, the year's not over yet and there will be some fun things too like the wedding and The Evil Within, ooh and Bloodborne.  Yeah I checked that out on Youtube yesterday and that looks like something I would play, so I may have to look into that game.  But overall, I'm really not looking forward to my year review, that's for darn sure.
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