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What?!?!?! Crazy!

You've got to see this!  Warning, if you're a sensitive type who don't want to know ANYTHING about what's going on in the game until you play it, 1) why are you looking at this?  2) You may not wanna click on this link, but if you're hyper obsessed like me, than feel free to click til your heart's content: http://cdnstatic.bethsoft.com/theevilwithin/img/achievements/allachievements_v2.pdf

I don't know if that will work if you copy the link because you may have to play the little Evil Within match game first, but I played it twice and it's pretty easy and kinda fun.  But in reading that achievement file...  Dude, there is going to be some boinkery in this game.  Apparently there's going to be a big spider (wonderful for all those people who have arachnophobia), a part where you won't be able to use a gun (why?!), and some creepy mutant people you'll have to creep past.  There is more listed, but if you want to know go read it.

Man, October 14th just can't get here soon enough.  This game is going to be so hot and scary.  I'm going to be really scared of the dark after watching this game.  I just have to make a promise that I won't watch it before bedtime.  If I'm having nightmares from watching The Leftovers, I know this will give me nightmares.

Oh and on last thing, they're coming out with an artbook for this game and they're actually going to bring it here.  YAY!  I haven't brought an artbook in a long time so I need to get that too, while I'm getting the game.  If they come out with an OST, I'll probably be getting that too.

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