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Let me get this whine out of the way right now...

And please note, that this will not stop me from spending the rest of the day whining about it either.  I just wanted it to be known throughout the universe.

So...!  Remember way back...  I think back after E3, but I'm not sure...  No, no, it was right after the Pax East thing happened, and they posted up that new trailer for The Evil Within?  Remember at the end of that very trailer they said it would be out on August 26, 2014 and how elated I was, because I would be able to get my brother to play it before the wedding, while kawaii_neko23 and I (and whomever else wanted to partake) watched in horror and fascination?  Then sometime around E3 or so, the release date got pushed back to late October and I was sad.  About a month later or thereabouts, the release date was moved again, but this time it was pushed up, and by a week, but still no game during the summer.


Man, Shinji...!  You're killing me!  I swear, a lesser man/ game company would have gotten majorly cursed out by me, but because it's Shinji, I'll just suck it up.  However, if the game had actually come out today, I would have, by this point, had gone to Gamestomp, picked up my copy, watched the opening sequence, attempted to play a little bit of the game before my heart darn near exploded or I vomited in terror, or both, and then watched someone on Youtube play it.  But my dreams of having this game will have to wait until October 14th..  Wah!!!

In the meantime, to tide my hyper obsession over for a few hours, I'm watching the Bethesda guy play it, which it's not the most elegant play-through of this I've seen, but at least I'm seeing some semi-new stuff.  For example, that "The Cruelest Intentions" chapter, it's been bumped up from chapter 8 to chapter 9 now.  Plus he got a small key, which the Bethesda guy said has to do with that Nurse you saw in the E3 picture I took:

Sebastian and Nurse

Something about her name is Tatiana or something and she knows about stuff that's going down but won't tell you about it.

But it was cool seeing some sorta new stuff.  I would like to see said game, but it's going to have to wait.  Wah...  I wish it had come out today, but I guess it's better to wait and get the best game Shinji could possibly pull out, instead of rushing it and getting something crappy.  But note, you are slowly and very painfully killing me Shinji Mikami.
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