aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

You hear stories about these sort of things...

But you never EVER expect them to happen to you.

I was profiled in Michael's today.  I don't think I've ever been profiled before or if I have, it's never been THAT blatant.  And the worst part is I have been in that very Mchael's at least 5 times in the past week to buy stuff for the wedding and have spent God only knows how much money in there!  But today I'm walking around trying to find a few things that I know I still need like smaller vases for the cocktail tables, extra ribbon, or whatever.  And while I'm walking around this chick comes up behind me and starts off pretty nice, but I quickly notice she's following me down the aisles and when I stop to look at the vases, she just so happens to stop in the same aisle I do, and waits there while I deliberate on what I want.

So after awhile I went over to the silk flower section to see something else and she leaves, when I go back to the vase aisle, there she is again.  Not doing anything of any major consequence, just standing there.  At that point I know she isn't there to stock shelves or anything, she's there to make sure I am not stealing anything. Dude seriously?!  Why would I come in here and steal anything?!  Even if I was thief (which I am not), why would I come into a CRAFT store and steal stuff.  If I was going to steal anything, it wouldn't be some overpriced dollar store/ discount store junk from a damn craft store!  Come on now!

Once I realize that I'm being singled out either due to my race or the fact that my hair is purple, or WHATEVER, I decide, I don't need this crap and I leave.  Just before I walk out the door, she practically runs up and goes, "Oh you didn't find anything?"  I calmly say, "No, you didn't have what I needed." And left.  I walked over to Ross and they didn't have anything either, but by the time I was done in Ross, I was not only infuriated, but insulted.  So I went back to my car and called over to Michael's corporate office and called customer service and told them what happened.  Sadly I didn't get the woman who was following me around name, but I am glad I called and told them that this had happened to me, because there is no reason for that to happen!

I still can't believe that this has happened to me and in hindsight, I should have made a scene walked back over to her and, turned out my pockets and emptied the contents of my purse out all over the floor, so she could see that I hadn't "stolen" any of her precious merchandise, but it wouldn't have changed her opinion of me.  In fact, it probably would have made her opinion of me worse, so I did the right thing and I know nothing will ever come of it.  I just hope one she'll realize that not everyone who is African-American is a thief or out to rob you blind, and it's sad that small minded people like her still exist.

Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!

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