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27 more days...

The new trailer for The Evil Within is out and while it still does that "more questions than answers" thing, I will take it, because I am completely like a rabid drooling dog hyper crazy for this game.  I know I've been nuts over games before.  MGS3 when that was going around (and I still loved Metal Gear) and right before MGS4 came out.  But for whatever reason, this feels so different.  I mean, when I saw they had the trailer up on Facebook, I watched it about 5 times, then turned my PS3 on just to watch it on a larger screen in case I missed any fine details the first five times I watched it.

Well, I have to get moving so I can head to the hairdresser, but there will be more about The Evil Within's Tokyo Game Show Trailer, rest assured!  For now, here it is, enjoy!

Tags: creepy stuff, evil within-psycho breaku, scary stuff, shinji mikami stuff, tokyo game show, video games

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