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Thank you for yet another logical fallacy moment!

Yeah, so this came across my social network path yesterday:  Why the rise of cosplay is a bad sign for the U.S. economy.  I'm sure this blew up all kinds of cosplay sites.  I saw this claptrap via Metrocon's Facebook page and the retorts were the usual F*@K this guy fodder.  And while I want to say, dude who wrote this should probably be thrown face first screaming off a cliff, that's just more of the same unintelligent drivel that goes nowhere in what could be someone intellectually poking massive holes in his already highly flawed logic.  Since I love taking the intellectual high ground, because people, quite honestly, don't expect me to be smart, I think I am just the person to do this.  So let's make this guy feel two inches high.

Let's start with the subheadding shall we: "Dressing up like Wolverine or Cersei Lannister is probably more fun than scouring the classifieds for menial jobs".

I don't think this guy understands what goes into cosplaying as a whole.  I think he may have watched like 15 minutes of an episode of Heroes of Cosplay or something and now thinks he's an expert on this world and its happy inhabitants.  But I'll use myself as an example.  The last time I made a cosplay costume was probably about 2007.  That was my last completed cosplay costume, which I think was Queen Marie from Chevalier d'Éon.  At the time I undertook making that dress, I was working, FULLTIME at one of my least favorite jobs, but none the less I was working.  40 hours a week, which constitutes fulltime, in case this guy doesn't understand what fulltime working hours are.  I'm sure he only works parttime and it's pretty evident, because you can tell he's not researched ANYTHING related to his topic of choice.

I don't know if he understands how cosplay works, you either sew or purchase your costume, all of which means you have to have money.  The last time I checked, money doesn't just fall from the sky or grows from trees, so you HAVE TO WORK in order to make or even purchase a costume.  And the more elaborate costumes take lots of money to make or buy, but in either case money is used to achieve this goal and the money has to come from somewhere.  Now I know, he would probably say that he's seen people on Gofundme or other sites like that, people asking for donations for their cosplay endevors, but I'm sure those people are far and few between.  All of the cosplayers I know, work and work very hard no matter what they do.  You have to work to support your hobby.  It's the same as any other hobbiest of any other fandom.

But let's get to the meat of this article.  Basically the point of this article is can be summed up like this.  Because of job polarization, young college graduates should be working anywhere, be it a top bank or a buger joint.  And they should be grateful to have these jobs too and not waste all their time dressing up to escape their dreary reality, because that's what they do in Japan and we all see where Japan is now.

Ok Aa-chan...  Surpress the ugre to call this guy a dick salad.  Choak it down....  It's almost down...  Keep it down...  Good girl!

So lets start with Job Polarization and how that is crushing everyone in the job market.  This is the one definition I found that really explains Job Polarization well, "job opportunities have become increasingly concentrated in high wage/high skill occupations and low wage/low skill occupations, while job opportunities for those in the middle have been shrinking."  So how would quote, "scouring the classifieds for menial jobs" help the job polarization situation?  There are already plenty of people at the bottom levels already.  Wouldn't it be better to have more middle of the road opportunities return?  You think?  Maybe?  Possibly?  Let's break it down, the reason why there are fewer middle of the road jobs, because those mostly involved manufacturing jobs and with companies scouring third world countries to exploit a cheap and non-unionized labor force- coupled with many manufacturing jobs being more automated; this makes it difficult to keep manufacturing alive in this country.  Oh and who made it possible for companies to do this?  The very conservatives that put out tripe like "The Week".

Also, wasn't the arugement right out of the gate about taking WHATEVER job came along and finding contentment with that?  How did it suddenly switch from that to it's the government's fault for allowing polarization to happen, to "When you're disillusioned with the reality of your early adult life, dressing up like Doctor Who starts looking better and better".  Are you for cosplay or against it?  You took a position and then swapped it mid-article, aren't you NOT supposed to do that when writing an article.  At least I didn't think you could do that anyway.

But lets leave that part to the wayside for now and put it in a way that maybe a conservative could appreciate.  Let's travel back in time to 2006.  On August 19th 2006, I wrote an LJ entry that basically said that in four days, attendees at Otakon dropped $22 Million dollars on Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  That was eight years ago, God only knows how much money gets dropped into Baltimore now.  And every year attendence goes up.  And that's just for Otakon.  New York Comic Con is this weekend and I'm sure a couple million dollars will be spent on hotel and food.  If anyone drove to NYCC you had to pay tolls to get there and that dumps money into the local economy...  The long and the short of this is for all his bashing of cosplayers, they, along with anime/ manga fans all dump boatloads of money into local economies, by going to conventions, purchasing shoes, and make-up, fabric, ect for the creations.  They by all rights are being "good consumers" which is helping the economy as a whole and the stuff captalists wax their carrots to.  Moreover, I would much rather see young disillusioned post college kids in their parents house, hunched over a sewing machine or laptop (if they're purchasing a costume), then out drinking or abusing drugs, and bopping people over the head to get their next fix.  At least they are safe, cared for, and not hurting anyone or causing damage to society.

But since home-bleed is insistant on making comparison of American and Japanese culture let me tell you a tale that has happened to both the US and Japan.  It is a cautionary tale, yet one that wasn't heeded.  One nation, decided that banks should give out loans to any and everyone who asked for them, regardless of their ability to pay.  However when it was discovered that sometimes you shouldn't give people with limited income a loan they can't afford.  So banks started to fold, the government tried to help, but this was too little too late, and it was the citizens of this land that had to make up for all the mistakes.  Well, that tale was what happened during the so-called, "Great Recession" but it happened to Japan first, and it is what has caused their once mighty economy to fold like an origami penguin (no pun intended there).  When it happened to Japan you would have thought people would like at that and say, "oh snap, I don't want to end up like them.  So it's best to not hand out loans like Jolly Rancher at Halloween."  BUT NO!  The thought was, "Oh that will NEVER happen to us!"  And it did.

There's your parallels you creep!  The more interesting article would have been how to prevent banks from becoming greedy assholes and handing out loans to people who couldn't afford them, not ragging on people who don't deserve it.  And now that I've completely debunked dude's sad little thesis, I will call him a dick salad afterall.  Dude really is a DICK SALAD!
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