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The Evil Within Review

So I just finished watching all of The Evil Within.  It took a few days, because Jose's playing skills aren't the best.  2) It was hard trying to find a no-commentary walkthrough.  I started off watching the guy I normally watch do these things, but he stopped cold turkey on part 10 the last time I looked.  In just looking right now, it seems he picked up again and is on Part 15 for him, but it's too late.  I'm already finished watching it.  Oh and the third and final reason why it took a few days to watch was because I had a strict no Evil Within before bedtime policy going.  I didn't want to have nightmares, so I pretty much after 5 PM, I would stop watching.  Good thing I did that too, because the night I picked it up, Jose was jumping every time he closed his eyes.  He kept having small nightmares about the game.  Imagine if I watched up until I went to bed...  That would have been a fiasco and a half...

However!  I LOVE the pants off that game.  But then again in my world, Shinji can do no wrong.  But I thought it was pretty awesome.  I haven't jumped like that watching a game in a long time.  I was starting to think that I was desensitized to horror games.  The last horror game I watched was I think Dead Space 3 and maybe a couple of Slender games, but either way, I didn't get all screamy the way I did with The Evil Within.  I screamed a lot watching this.  I covered my eyes, I jumped...  It was wonderful.  Only thing I'm sad about is, I didn't find a line or something I could hold onto in order to write a fanfiction.  I was really hoping to have fanfiction flying, but alas, I don't think that will happen.

The ending kinda lost me a bit.  I thought I was following the storyline well, but the ending I don't quite understand.  I'm going to try to watch it again to see if I can't figure it out, because it's kinda vague and weird.  But the whole story has been weird though!  I think it was kinda like Inception, sorta like a dream within a dream type situation (I kinda wanna call it The Evil Withinception), but I want to make sure.

Overall, I got what I wanted, to be scared out of my mind.  I am a bit afraid of the dark now too, which that hasn't happened in a long time.  Some of the reviews I've seen give it about an 8 and a half or 9, so it's doing pretty good.  I saw some complaints online that it was too much like Resident Evil 4, but I for the life of me can't figure out how that's a bad thing.  Personally I thought it was a little better than RE4, but you know people are never satisfied.  That's those poor weasels, I am very satisfied.  For me it was well worth the wait and obsessing.
Tags: creepy stuff, evil within-psycho breaku, jose, scary stuff, shinji mikami stuff, video games

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