aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

A what?

I don't remember exactly how this came across my path; probably while I was on a quest for something else, but have you ever heard of something called the euthanasia roller coaster?!  Yeah, a roller coaster that will kill you.

Basically the idea is you take a two minute ride up a steep incline then plummet 1600 ft down the incline at a speed of 200 mph then seven loops, each smaller than the next, are designed to insure no one walks off this death coaster.  The idea being death by G Force exposure.  How scary.  Then to add to the creepy factor of all of this, the guy who designed this monstrosity said, it could be used to help with problems of over population.  WHAT?!  Wow...  Just wow, dude.

I already don't particularly like roller coasters anymore, but this just makes that fear a little more irrational.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, creepy stuff, really?!, scary stuff, what?!

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