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I'm back on a fanficiton writing kick and this time my topic isn't Wesker...  Although I do have a buttload of Wesker fanfictions to finish, but for now they are on the back-burner, because I'm writing my first Evil Within story.  But in writing, keep thinking about that part at the end of Chapter 1 when he's in the elevator and breaks out his cigarettes only to find the pack is empty.  Early on when I saw this, I said to myself, "I guess he'll be smoking Marlies Black".  I do this, because I don't want to be accused to pandering to brands or get sued for using a brand name.  Basically to paraphrase something someone said on The Simpsons once, "we changed it just enough so nobody can sue us."  And pretty much that's what I do to brand name things in my fanfictions.

So since I'm taking a break right now, I want to take a moment to name all my fanfiction brands.

Brands of Cigarettes

Marlies= Marlboro's.  See I have had Marlies going around since my earliest Metal Gear Fanfiction days, because that's primarily what Snake smoked.  Although I think I had him also smoke Lucky Strips too.  I think I had Chris from Resident Evil smoking Marlies and now Sebastian, but he prefers the Marlies Black Label.

Lucky Strips= Lucky Stripes Snake's other brand of cigarette.  I don't think anyone else in my stories smokes Lucky Strips.

Some unused ones I've thought of include Kewls, Llamas, and Knyweports.

Soaps and Shampoos

I don't really do a lot with soap, but I did a story recently with one.

Crown and Collar= Head and Shoulders which is the cheap brand that Chris buys at the store.

Scottish Creek= Irish Spring I think I had Snake use this soap, but I don't remember.


Blueberry= Blackberry I had Wesker use that brand of phone in The Whistleblower.

Some unused ones I've thought of include Pear, Samsang, and GL and yeah I think I threw Sorny in the mix a few times.

Other Products/ Companies

SmidtClyne= SmithKlineBeecham SmidtClyne is where Kenneth (the second guy you see get killed in Resident Evil) worked before joining STARS.

Kwelade= Koolaid This may make it into another Evil Within story I have brewing in my mind.

But those are all the brands that I have used or plan to use in my fanfiction.  Some of them are really silly, but what can you do?
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