aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Well it's just a fangirl kinda day!

I posted up some Evil Within fanart I found on Facebook, then I was bored and looked around for some new Wesker fanart and I stumbled upon this one:

Wesker Jake Playing


You know, for as much as we would all love Wesker to be a "responsible" and "loving" father, we all know he would be a horrible father.  For openers, Wesker is a workaholic.  Between working at S.T.A.R.S., being in Umbrella's Intelligence Division, and being head researcher at the Arklay Mountain facility...  Where in all that would he have time to sleep or eat, let along raise a young child?!  And that's not even getting into the Antisocial personality disorder stuff.

Plus, I'm not going to lie, if they did bring Wesker back I really want there to be a line where Wesker tells Jake that he isn't his only bastard.  Man, I would go crazy!  And it would be perfectly acceptable since he left Jake's mother.  Yeah, yeah, I know Crapcom's copout deal with the whole "she didn't tell Wesker thing", but as I've said before if she didn't tell him about Jake, why in her final letter to him, does she say, "please, don't hate your father. I'm sure he loves you and is thinking about you"?  That doesn't sound like a woman who didn't tell the father of her child about that child.  That sounds like someone who got dumped while they were pregnant.  I swear, I wish Crapcom would commit to their storyline.

However, I do like this little piece of fanart and I thought it was really cute.  I love seeing Wesker with young Jake.  You know, in the deepest recesses of my brain, I want to do an alternative universe story where Annika (the woman I said was Jake's mother in Wesker's Conquest) contacts Wesker and tells her that Jake is just too much of a handful for her and she wants him to raise Jake.  Saying that it's important for a young boy to have a father.  But I could never figure out an ending for it so that's why I didn't write it.  Maybe I'll get that together someday...
Tags: albert wesker, crapcom, hyper obsession, video games

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