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An open letter to Shinji Mikami

Dear Shinji,

We all love you.  We respect your talents and deeply admire your work.  You are an awesome person (at least from what I've read in interviews with you).  So I am begging you to please, please, PLEASE not work with the king of the ego-maniac robots Hideo Blojima!  I know it can be tempting to want to work with him because he has a good reputation in the video game community, but he will RUIN your life, just as he has ruined mine!  Really, his only claim to fame is the Metal Gear franchise.  Grant it, he has worked on other stuff, but really, come on now, it's only Metal Gear that he's best known for.  And yes, while I USE TO love the Metal Gear franchise, that chapter of my life is now closed.  It would have probably still been a thing too if MGS4 wasn't such a flaming disaster.  But it was and so it goes, and my love and adoration with it.

However, Shinji, you have made some cool games and you dare to take risks, even if they aren't critically acclaimed, which is so cool.  You are not just a one trick pony and I would like you to stay that way.  Also, you aren't a huge ego-maniac.  When The Evil Within came out, I didn't see your name plastered all over the opening credits or even over the title.  If Blojima had done The Evil Within, it would have been Hideo Blojima presents, a game written, directed, produced, editited, motion captured, voice acted, and key griped by Hideo Blojima.  That guy who went to get everyone coffee in the morning, that as also done by Hideo Blojima.  He also managed to be the PR representative and the administrative assistant.  Also, if Blojima had done The Evil Within the cutscenes would have been roughly 70+ hours long and there would have only been, probably about five minutes max of gameplay in-between each 6+ hour cutscene.

Oh Shinji, you are not like that at all and I'm afraid that if you start hanging around Blojima, you'll adopt his ego-maniac ways and we love you just the sweet and humble way you are and we like your games the way they are.  Another thing is you have a bright and wonderful personality Shinji.  I've seen pictures of you smiling and having fun.  You don't appear to be a rigid robot like Blojima is.  We love you just the way you are and hope you will never change.

So please, I am begging you.  I know it is tempting to work with Blojima, but don't.  Save yourself before you get sucked down into his robotic spiral of doom.

Sincerely, probably your most loyal fan and supporter,


I had been meaning to post this for awhile, because a few months back, I saw this monstrosity on Facebook,


And NO!

Don't do it Shinji!!!  He'll ruin your life or worse, ruin a game franchise for you just like he's done to Metal Gear and poor Castlevania.  Ugh, the last time I saw poor Castlevania, Dracula (who was one of the Belmonts by the way) was fighting Satan.  Come on now!  And grant it, Blojima didn't do anything with that one, he was the reason why one of the Belmonts had become Dracula in the first place, thus utterly destroying an entire well established cannon and franchise in one fell swoop.  Bravo Blojima, bravo indeed.

I'm am just trying to save sweet Shinji from falling into Blojima's web of pretentiousness.
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