aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Once upon a mansion

About 8 years ago, I mentioned Lynnewood Hall, this old abandon mansion that me and kawaii_neko23 use to see.  We always said that that old mansion should be used to do a (good) live action Resident Evil movie.  I pretty much would be an excellent version of the Spencer Estate.

But I was looking at the largest mansion in the US and 19th on the list was Lynnewood Hall.  The last time I checked on Lynnewood Hall, it was owned by a Korean Church located in New York.  However, it appears that they have lost their tax exempt status and I guess after that they decided to put Lynnewood Hall up on the market.  Oh yes, my dream mansion is up on the market.  It's for sale for twenty million dollars.  If I had the money to buy and restore it and still turn it into a school for girls called Lynnewood Academy.

A woman can dream, but I hope whoever buys it, treats it right and gives it the love it needs.  I would hate to see it fall so far into disrepair so badly, that it crumbles to the ground.

Edit- I forgot to add the articles about Lynnewood Hall, found here and here.  Also there is a Facebook page dedicated to saving Lynnewood Hall, it's a closed group, but hopefully they will add me.
Tags: lynnewood hall, really?!

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