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Oh stupid, stupid woman...

Edit- Yeah, this entry is only half finished. But I wanted to post it, because this really needed to be said.

Ok.  This is one of those things that need to be broken down because the author is a moron and needs to be educated about having idiotic opinions not based in anything other than bias and fear mongering.

So a friend of mine on Facebook (I guess where all foolishness comes home to roost) had commented on this stupid article.  Basically the author begins by stating that she's a "normal" size.  Ok, so instantly she doesn't understand what it's like to be "fat" in a "normal size" world.  However, I won't go as far as to say that her per-cursory statement instantly discredits her, but it does make her next statements invalid.

Her first statement is that quote, "America is very accepting of fat".  You don't say?  Maybe they are more forgiving of "fat" men than women that's for damn sure.  If a woman is "fat" she's considered lazy, ugly, and worthless.  But "fat" men, generally are considered "fluffy" or other kinder terms.  Grant it, Jose has told me that he's faced a lot of harsh criticism because of his size, but he said that is mostly with certain types of superficial women.  In general, "fat" men are treated better and are more accepted than "fat" women.

Her next statement says that she doesn't understand how body positivity includes health when by being fat you're contradicting yourself because being fat and I quote again "is actively damaging it".  Something also about it's not enough to be proud about the way you look, you should be conscious about the damage you're doing to your body by being fat.  Uh what...?!  Should smokers be conscious of their lungs or better still, the lungs of others due to their second hand smoking?  Should people who have reckless unprotected sex be conscious of their bodies too?  Yes, while I agree you should consider the body you have, this is not something that should just apply solely for "fat" people.  However, most people don't pay attention to their body until something is wrong with it (as I like to say, it's not a problem until its a problem).  But still there and tearing yourself down isn't the answer, nor is obsessing over everything you put into your body.  Yes, you should be aware of these things, but not spend your life obsessing over them.

Statement 3 is my favorite.  It says and I quote, "'Health at every size' seems physically impossible".  Yes, this is where I shine, because I am living breathing proof of the "health at every size" mantra!  So yeah, I'm a "fat" chick.  I'm a size 22, but that in no way, shape, or form means that I'm suffering with all kinds of "obesity" related illnesses.  Remember a few weeks ago I said that my report from my doctor read sugars are normal, cholesterol was perfect, and blood pressure good.  The only thing that was off was the slight anemia that was going on.  Since I've started taking vitamins daily, my overwhelming tiredness has gotten better.  Then there was my favorite flipside of that coin, the fact that I've always been fat and have pretty much not had any of the issues commonly associated with obesity, yet my super sexy ex-boyfriend who was muscular and had a massively high cholesterol level  So just because he's thin and appears to be healthy, he isn't.  So yeah, I know it seems to be contractory to say you can be "fat" yet healthy, but yeah, you can be fat and healthy.  It's the biggest lie everyone has ever been told, but yes, you can be healthy and "fat", and as I said previously, I am the very picture of that.

Statement 4 states that people who don't find "fat" people attactive are shaming them.  I will agree with that statement.  People like who and what they like.  It's only a bad thing if someone is putting the very people whom they are not attracted to do.  It's ok to not like blondes, but you can't say all women or men who aren't blondes are butt ugly.  So yeah, I'll agree with you on that one, but that's probably the only one.

Statement 5 is about food addiction.  This is what her statment says about food addiction, "Fat Acceptance Movement seems to rely too much on these outliers and not focus on the very real problem that a huge number of people in our country overeat in a dangerous way."  People over eat for various reasons.  I know I will eat out of stress and boredom, which she does minimally address stress eating, but there are other factors beyond just unhealthy coping mechanisms.  One of the primary ones being healthy natual food, costs a lot more than junk food.  I've been to Whole Foods in the last 30 days and it's not cheap in there and the price spikes if you have a family to feed.  One thing that could be done to help this situation is make healthy foods more accessable and affordable for everyone.
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