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The absolute pits!


You know, try as I may to give Crapcom the benefit of the doubt, they STILL never cease to disgust me!  I'm watching Resident Evil Revelations 2 (The Electric boogaloo) and I'm just stuck on why?  Why does Crapcom keep churning out garbage?  Why do these kids continue to play Resident Evil games knowing that they are a hot mess?!  Why do these plots never get any better, in fact they keep getting worse?  And lastly, why, after complaining for the first hour am I continuing to put myself through so much disgust and torture?

First of all where is Alyson Court?!  She has always played Claire, she even directed voices for the last CG Resident Evil movie.  But it doesn't sound like she's in RER2 and I don't know who this new Claire chick is, but her voice acting is dead as fried chicken.  Ugh...  Plus Barry's daughter is kinda annoying.  Also I was all excited to see Wesker return, only to find out it's some kind of stupid just for kicks type mission.  Complete with cheesy techno background music playing.  Sigh...  Such a mess.  What started out promising, just died.  And I remember being told that RER 1 was pretty good (I just could never get through it), but no, it's a mess.

Oh well, the only positive thing I can say is the little chick that's with Barry during his game, at least they gave her some bricks to throw at monsters, which is hilarious to watch.  I know that's always been a point of contention with me, not giving people at least a brick to defend themselves.  But at least they finally listened.

And yet again, you know who I feel bad for?  Shinji.  Yes, I know he's off in Evil Within land (and Assignment comes out in about 2 weeks, I am super excited!), but still.  Resident Evil was his baby and now it's just gone.

Edit-  Is this supposed to be an episodic video game?  Why?!  Why are game companies doing this!?
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, fail, really?!, resident evil series, video games

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