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I have no one to blame but myself...

Really, I shouldn't be complaining about this, because I knew better.  I knew what a cluster boink I was in for after last weeks little rant about how bad Resident Evil Revelations 2 was, but I watched on in horror and disgst.  I knew the second chapter was coming around this week and while I only watched a small part of 1 clip (I probably watched about 10 seconds of one clip) and somehow I ended up WAY more disgusted than I was last week!  I'm so disgusted that I'm just going to bottom line my disdain and save my hyperbole for another time...  Basically, that "Alex Wesker" person, is Wesker's sister in the Wesker Project or Program or whatever it was...  Weskers-ahoy, I don't even know!

Way to screw the pooch Crapcom!  Basically with Alex Wesker being a girl, we can no longer take that out I had given them nearly three years ago.  Which would have been their best option to salvage what limited plot Crapcom had going for them.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggghhhh....  gggggggrrrrrrOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

CRAPCOM!  Like...  Seriously?!  What the actual BOINK are you doing?!  You have no earthly clue what to do with Resident Evil anymore do you?  Just admit it!  For boink sakes, just come out and say "We don't know what we're doing".  I would happily accept that!  I would give you a lot of play/ credit if you did that.  And really, I could forgive a lot of your crap if you just had the balls to admit you have no idea what the duce you're doing!

My beef with this whole thing is two-fold.  One, in the clip that I'll be showing you, Alex Wesker is in a picture with Albert, but the two of them had NEVER met according to the train wreck that was Resident Evil 5.  Albert Wesker, had no idea he was part of any larger game until Spencer told him, but even when Spencer told him, he NEVER ONCE mentioned Albert having any other siblings.  In fact he says to him and I quote, "The Wesker children were entrusted with endless potential.  Of them only one survived...  You."  I didn't hear anything about anyone else making it through that until yet another God awful side story came out, and in that they threw in all this extra "Alex Wesker" stuff.

Then to compound my displeasure, RER 2 is supposed to take place AFTER Resident Evil 5 and before 6.  At least I think it's before for 6.  I know it's after 5 because when I watched the 1st part last week Barry said something about the monsters displayed charateristics like the people infected with that Uroboros mess.  This would imply that what's going down in Revelations 2 is AFTER the 5th game and AFTER Wesker's pathetic splashing around in lava death!

So if Albert didn't know about Alex before his death, how is it even remotely possible he's in a picture with her in Revelations 2!?  What are we doing Crapcom?!  Would it kill you to stick to a storyline even just a little bit.  Grant it, Albert Wesker is one of your most popular characters.  Case in point, when that Wesker shirt I brought was still in pre-order stage, it sold out within a day of pre-order release, so people love Wesker.  Why you chose to kill him off in the first place still baffles me to no end, especially knowing how much people love him.  But intelligence isn't really your strong suit Crapcom and I understand that.


I have no idea what ridiculousness they're going to pull to explain how he's still alive...  I'll begrudgingly get to the bottom of that answer, but I'll to a lot of complaining and screaming along the way.

Here's the clip in question but just prepare to be disgusted to no end (Stuff goes down beginning at 33 seconds in):

Excuse me while I go and bang my head against the wall until I fall into a nice long sleep...
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