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A short open letter to ALL Lolita brands

Dear Japanese Designers of Lolita Clothing,

Please, please, PLEASE stop naming cherry printed items "Cherry", I.e., Angelic Pretty's "Drained Cherry" print or Baby's cute but tragically named "Cherish My Juicy Cherry" print. Now Baby is at it again with their "Rendezvous Baby Cherry Start of a Romance" print. Really?! "Baby Cherry"?! Did we not think this all the way through?

"Cherry" in English, is a highly sexual reference to a woman's vagina. And yes, we are supposed to be lady-like (or gentlemen) and have our minds out of the gutter. But if I'm thinking it, you know someone else is too. And yes I am aware that there's a language and cultural difference here, but it doesn't stop people from school-girl like giggling.

This, however, is not to say that I'm against cherry prints, because I am not against them at all. I'm just against "Cherry" being placed with a word that make me think of my lady parts. The only time "Cherry" was done right was the "Cherry Berry Bunny" print, after that... It was a mess!

So brands, I am asking you to forgo the "Cherry" stuff when naming your prints, because it's just too weird and sleazy sounding.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, bwuh, come on now?!, facebook, fail, lolita, really?!, what?!

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