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"We're all frightened and horny!"

Quote from Mayor Quimby from Treehouse of Horror 11 Night of the Dolphin.

Ok man...  I know some people said that The Evil Within wasn't scary and too much like Resident Evil.  Well, in watching The Evil Within: The Assignment, I can say this is really scary!  REALLY SCARY!  And I don't think it's anything at all like Resident Evil.  Yeah the very beginning, like the first 4 minutes starts out like the very beginning of Resident Evil 4 (the part with Leon walking towards the village, but after that part it really turns into it's own unique thing and I have to say, I'm genuinely scared out of my mind!

Grant it, a lot of them are jump scares (I just got really badly scared by a jump scare a little bit ago), but I have been watching a few parts that just left me with that feeling of overwhelming dread.  Like this part I'm watching right now.  You're waiting for an elevator to get power, but that light-headed clompy high-heals wearing hyper creepy monster.  I forget what the artbook called her, I'm calling her Clompy.  But Clompy is chasing you while you're waiting for the elevator to power back up.  It's really intense.


So I just finished watching GamerZombie's 4th part (that's where he stopped) and it was really good.  Sebastian and Joseph had no idea where they were apparently and Kidman gets a surprise visit near the end of her Chapter 1.  Oh it's so good!  I'm hoping he'll put up more, because this is tying things together nicely.

And now I'm going to foolishly try to take a nap after watching all this scary stuff.  Wish me luck that I don't wind up having a nightmare.

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