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The Assignment Review

Before I begin the review I want to ask a question not associated with this game.  My question is, is anyone else really suffering badly from the time change this week?  Normally I'm not this bone dead on my backside tired just for loosing an hour's worth of sleep.  But this year I can't seem to get my life together after the time change.  I pretty much ditched water aerobics today, so I could get some extra sleep, and I slept like a corspe for two hours.  I had to force myself to wake up when I did.  And you would think that would be enough, but it didn't feel like enough.  It feels like nothing will ever be enough.  I think I want to add my voice to the growing number of people who want to see Daylight Savings Time abolished!  I really don't think there is a point in it anymore and it feels like it's taking a couple years off my life.

However getting to the topic at hand, The Evil Within: The Assignment.  I just watched it again and I still LOVE it!  For me, it had a little bit of everything.  Some laughs, lots of scares, some nail-biting moments, really messed up stuff, it was brillant!  Most importantly though, it left me wondering what's going to happen in the next installment, The Evil Within: The Consequence?  There are so many questions now and I need an answer.

My first and primary question is, is Ruvik's getting out into the world a good thing or a bad thing?

In Sebastian's world, Ruvik seemed pretty straightforward, exact revenge on the world for Jimmenz stealing his idea for STEM and then watch the world burn in a blazing inferno.  But in Kidman's world he wants revenge on Mobius to prevent them from using STEM and turning the entire world into victims of the STEM program.  So is it a good thing he's out or a bad thing?

Another question I have is, how does that creepy Mobius guy have the ability to see what's going on inside Ruvik's creepy STEM world?  Or is that all in Kidman's mind?

My next question is, are we EVER going to find out what happens to Joseph?  Kidman ends up fighting him towards the end of the 2nd chapter and she doesn't kill him then...  At least I don't think she does, because we haven't covered the bus part or the part after that in the ruins of Krimson City.  We covered the part where she was trapped in the water box, which was cool that it didn't really happen on her end.  I thought they were going to trap her in an elevator to make that part work, but how they did it was really unexpected and great.  Good job on that one Shinji and crew!  But getting back on topic, are they going to explain what happened to Joseph?  Did Kidman kill him in the park scene or was that a figment of Sebastian's imagination under the influence of STEM?

Next question is what is the deal with that high pitched noise you hear throughout The Evil Within.  In The Assignment, the creepy dude tells Kidman that once she hears that sound, there's nothing they (Mobius) can do to help her, so what is that sound?  What does it mean?  And why can't they help her if she hears that sound?  When they cover the part after Kidman helps them through the gate, I think that's at the end of Chapter 6, or was it Chapter 5?, either way, when that sound goes off in Kidman's world, Sebastian runs off screaming, but in Sebastian's world Kidman and Joseph get sucked into the ground by Monster Laura (Aka Rebone Laura).  Which is the true account?

My next question about the very last part.  When Kidman escapes from the creepy dude she sees the light from Beacon it goes black and then you hear various people saying things.  You hear Sebastian say, "No! She's, she's coming with us.  She's my responsibility."  Does that mean he was in on the whole Mobius thing?  What does THAT mean?  Especially after hearing Creepy Mobius Guy say, "Having all of you in one place will provide us with... opportunities."  So are they all in it together?

When I think about it, probably not, because Creepy Mobius Guy tells Kidman that Sebastian and Joseph are "expendible" and if they interrupt her mission they are to be terminated.

But it's really interesting stuff!

Apart from my questions a couple things got answered.

I was still kinda confused as to why there was a massacre at Beacon Mental Hospital?

So basically, Mobius (Who is like Umbrella on Meth!), they own Beacon Mental Hospital and they wanted to stop Jimmenz from operating a new STEM machine and using Leslie as its new host (at least I think that was the point), so to get Leslie back, Creepy Mobius Guy sends Kidman in to get Leslie back.  In order to get her into Beacon to retrieve Leslie, they caused the massacre.  This is why at the end of The Evil Within, after Sebastian comes off the elevator there are still dead bodies and blood all over the place.

The other thing that was anwered for me was why it's always so dark in a lot of Sebastian's worlds.  People who are linked into the STEM all contribute to the growing conciousness of the STEM System.  In the beginning of The Assignement, it starts after the ambulance crashes in the beginning of what would be Sebastian's Chapter 2.  Her board is foggy, but bright, while Sebastian's is dark and stormy.  The darkness and stormy weather are because that's what's in Sebastian's mind.  Same thing with the church board, in Sebastian's world, that is a bright sunny place.  If I had to guess Sebastian would be ok with the idea of church and God...  But as you find out with Kidman, she resented church, because her family placed such a high interest in church.  As she said when she enters her childhood home, she couldn't understand why her mother had children, because she just sat in a rocking chair waiting for the next time church would take place.  So in Kidman's world, the part where the church was, was a dark place.

You know, that would make sense to what I heard someone say once.  I saw someone on Youtube say when they tried to explain the ending of The Evil Within, that the final board and boss were all products of what was in Sebastian's mind.  Yeah, I saw his point before, but now it really makes perfect sense.

So yeah, a lot more questions than answers, but I'm ok with that.  I am super looking forward to The Consequence.  Maybe that will explain the rest of what's going on.  I saw that they may be doing an Evil Within 2, but I don't know how much truth there is in that.  In either case, I think they did a really good job with The Assignment and I can only hope that they stay on the ball with whatever is next!  Also, I wonder when The Consequence is going to come out.  Hopefully they won't make us wait another 5 months and 1 week for it.
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