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So yesterday, a friend of mine had a video posted up on Facebook talking about how once MGS5 (Bearly Alive) is done, so is Blojima and Blonami.  Hm.  Interesting-ish...  I thought I saw a few years ago that Blojima was Vice President of Blonami?  I guess their relationship has changed and for the worst.

I'm actually ok with this, because maybe this will save the so-called Silent Hillz series from the drugery of nine hour cutscenes with two minutes of gameplay.  And maybe they'll be able to fix the mess he created within the Castlevania series and go back to the normal cannon of the Belmonts are vampire hunters and the main vampire they hunt is Dracula.  Not this, the Belmonts ARE Dracula nonsense that's been going around.  Ugh, so tragic what Blojima did Castlevania.

But you know something, this is probably why I saw this boinkery several months ago.

no title

I still say I don't want Kojima corrupting my dear sweet Shinji, but this picture probably has something to do with all this talk of Blojima and Blonami's dissolution.  Maybe he'll be joining Tango Studios or whatever...?  Eesh...  I guess that's a good thing, but I really don't know?  I'm still pretty anti-Kojima and I'm still hyper pissed about the way Metal Gear ended up, so I'm just looking at things from my jaded perspective, but maybe there was some kind of negotiation there.  But in either case, that was rather a surprise to hear Blojima was leaving Konami.

Really this may not be a super terrible thing.  Konami has been in a slump for awhile.  They have been pretty much going that Crapcom route with making subpar sequel after subpar sequel.  Maybe they want to bring some fresh blood into their company and do other things.  Hopefully those things will be better than what's been currently going around.
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