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An open letter to Brad H of Facebook...

Before I begin this semi-tirade, I just want to say that if this offends anyone, I'm sorry, but seriously, can we not all agree at the very least that this little girl needs psychological help?!  Can't we just do that?!

So last week, a friend of mine has this article on Facebook about a 12 year old girl who tried not once, but TWICE to poison her mother with bleach by putting it in her smoothie and water, because her mother took away her Iphone.  Ok, as I previously mentioned, this child needs psychological help at a low.  But I personally think she needs to be punished for this too, because there was real malice there and she knew damn well what she was doing was wrong.  However, that's not what made me livid.  Where my ire came in was with the response to this article by Brad H (I'll not refer to him, by his fully stated name, but if you click on the article, you can see his full name for yourself), which says and I quote, "I think it's important to determine whether this 12 year old child understood that adding bleach to her mom could actually kill her before determining that it was attempted murder and not just acting out. I would do that before making grand societal conjectures about the misgivings of our culture. I would also consider similar cases where a phone was involved and suggest further study into the effects of addiction on the mind of an developing adolescent, something we still don't much about."

So here is how I wanted to respond to Mr. H.

Dear Mr. Brad H.,

While I do understand what you are implying, that the adolescent mind is incapable of rational thought, I would have probably given that consideration if this girl had not tried to poison her mother, twice, with a known toxic substance.  On the bottle of bleach that I use it has this very statement and these are direct quote from the Clorox Bleach bottle.  It says, "Directions for Use: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.


DANGER: CORROSIVE.  Causes irreversable damage and skin burns.  Harmful if swallowed.

If you don't believe me Mr. H, here is a picture of the very bottle of Clorox in question:

Grant it, she may not have understood what "violation of Federal law" meant or even entailed.  She may not have even understood what "corrosive" or (and this is a stretch) what "hazardous" meant.  But you KNOW what the word "Danger" means!  You learn that word when you are a toddler.  Be it "stranger danger" or don't play in the street because it's dangerous.

If she is just this misguided child Mr. H. then please, by all means, you take her and see how well you fair with her living in your home.  Would you still feel like she was a misguided child if she tried the same thing with you?



You know, my evil side wants to start a Go Fund Me page to get this guy a vasectomy, or at a low a lifetime supply of condoms and spermicide, because this dude doesn't need to procreate at all!  EVER!!!

But let's be less evil and more rational than that.  At 12 years old, you know full well that putting bleach in someone's drink, not once but twice, is most certainly going to harm them.  And what makes this worse is this escalation was in response to her mother taking her phone!  It wasn't like she was cleaning the glass and used the wrong cleaner or she did something innocuous, no.  This was a full scale retaliation for a perceived injustice; actually let's just call it what it was, a revenge tactic.  Because she is 12, she didn't think it would go this far or at best thought it would scare her mother into giving her the phone back, but either way, it's profoundly messed up and I think this girl's mother did the right thing by alerting the authorities.

I understand that in psychology there is this new thing that children don't understand consequences because their brains are undeveloped, but that so much bunk!  Yes, children and teens aren't capable of rational thought, that's why you never try to rationalize with them.  But consequences are learned, but only if you teach them.  If you stick a pin with a balloon it will pop (Just like they taught me on Sesame Street).  If you play in the street you may be hit by a car.  If you drink bleach (or give it to a living being) you or they can get sick and/ or die. 
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