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And now The Consequence!

Yeah, I wanted to talk about this when I saw it last week, but being away and not really having super great internet access.  In fact when I originally watched The Consquence, I watched the entire game on my phone in the living room, because that was where I was able to get the best internet access.  And it wasn't easy sitting there watching this game on a phone for about two hours, but ultimately it was very much worth it, because it was great!

Now, before I continue, you all know the routine- this is going to have spoilers and a lot of conjecture!  So if you don't want to hear about it, it's time to click somewhere else on the internet.  In fact, here's an amusing cat video you may enjoy!  Everyone loves cat videos, right?  But for the rest of you, let's get into it shall we.

Oh and this will be in two parts, so here's part one!

When we last left off Kidman was being chased down by that Creepy Mobius Dude and barely escaped.  When she comes to, she wakes up in a hospital room (with little cat plushies around her room), but once she goes through the door, she ends up in  Sebastian's "Asylum" place.  She sees that guy who helps Sebastian, who turns out is murdered reporter Ivan Diaz.  That was really helpful, because you knew he was there to help Sebastian, but you never knew who is was.  And that includes up to the part where you set him on fire after his final hint about avoiding Ruvik's eye.  And apparently poor Mr. Diaz was sent to Ruvik by Dr. Jimnenz to basically have him killed so he could be off the doctor's back.

You know, during the course of this you find out just how much of an ass Dr. Jimnenz really is.  In The Evil Within he seemed like he wanted to be of some help, and that he was genuinely concerned for Leslie, but somehow we all knew his concern for Leslie was superficial, especially during that part where he was trying to bring them out of the scary dream world, right before being killed by Amalgam Alpha at the end of Chapter 10.  But pretty much, Jimnenz is motivated by greed and glory.  He's the reason why Sebastian, Joseph, and Oscar get sucked into the nightmare world, because he's trying to "fix" the problems with the wireless STEM system and he sets it off, and once you hear that high pitched sound, and that goes for anyone in the area who hears it, they will be sucked in.

When I was watching The Assignment, I went back to watch The Evil Within's beginning and I noticed, there are a lot of other buildings and cars around Beacon Mental Hospital.  So if anyone was in those buildings or cars, they were mega screwed!  But more on this when I get to the conjecture part of the entry.

But through the course of Kidman's game, you find out that she didn't know a lot about Sebastian's past and she feels guilty about unwittingly dragging everyone into this mess and she tries to put things right by vowing to kill Leslie before Ruvik can fully take him over.  But that's not her mission according to the Creepy Mobius Guy.  They wanted Leslie, even knowing about Ruvik's plans to take over Leslie's body.  However by the end, they say they don't really need him anymore, but why?  And it's a question not answered.

In the end, Kidman takes down Creepy Mobius Guy (who I just found out is known as The Administrator).  Oh and we find out that Save Cat was packing heat too, because it's the Save Cat who gives you the last gun to kill The Administrator.  And when she comes back all kinds of wacky fun stuff comes out.  Like that woman that you hear throughout interviews with Kidman all during the two DLC games, her name is Myra!  Now in The Evil Within, Sebastian was married to a woman named Myra and she is presumed dead, because she sends Sebastian all the information she's amassed about their daughters' death.

I put these pictures up here so you get the gist.  But I had a feeling she wasn't dead and had decided to join Mobius's ranks.  If that is Mrs. Castellanos, then she's got some serious explaining to do to her greif stricken husband, who no doubt will be pissed to find out she's been alive all this time.

So with these pictures let's begin the conjecture portion.

So this chick may be Myra Castellanos.  My speculation for this, is she may be working to bring down Mobius from the inside.  Maybe doing a deep, deep, deep, deep, DEEP cover assignment for the Krimson City Police Department.  I mean, they're were a lot of missing people in Krimson City.  Like a LOT a lot of missing people.  When you're playing The Consequence and enter the Police Department part, the place is full of missing persons flyers.  Even some missing dog ones too.  Mobius was scooping up people left and right.  So maybe, if this is Sebastian's wife, she's doing this to bring Mobius down.

Another thing that happened was right before Kidman blows away the Creepy Mobius Dude, he says that, he'll "always be with her now", then as she's disconnecting Sebastian from STEM she notices part of the Mobius logo carved into her hand:


So what is that supposed to mean?!  Is she going to become the new "Administrator" since she blew the other guy away?  I can't even begin to speculate about this one!  Plus this didn't register as something mega important until I rewatched it the next day, so I'm slow on the draw all together.

I'm going to break here, because I need to get some stuff done really quickly. I'll have part 2 up in a jiffy.
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