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Back to The Consequence

Sorry about that, I was supposed to have this second part up and I was just lunchin' for the past few days.  Plus that stuff with that stupid blog entry yesterday...  UGH!!!  That just needed to be stated.  But now let's get back to the speculation portion of the universe of The Evil Within.

I covered the Myra thing.  I covered the Kidman getting that Mobius trash carved into her hand, what else was there....?

Oh yeah, Joseph.

So, in The Evil Within you have the playground scene where you see Kidman shoot Joseph who's trying to stop her from shooting Leslie:

Then later on you hear Sebastian say, "You killed Joseph and shot me."  The reality is, you never find Joseph's body anywhere.  Yes you see him in the room where everyone is connected to the STEM System, but you don't find his body at all in the nightmare world.  However, when Kidman comes back to the real world, just before she disconnects Sebastian, she sees two Mobius flunkies dragging Joseph off:

Some would speculate that Joseph was killed inside the STEM world and they're dragging his body off to be disposed of.  That's a possibility, but what I think is, they're dragging him off to be dissected and have his brain in place of Ruvik's brain.

Remember, at the end of The Evil Within when Sebastian wakes up in the real world, he passes the glass thing Ruvik's brain was previously in and when he walks past it, it's empty:

Mobius's whole deal with wanting Leslie was so they could clear out Ruvik's craziness and have someone with a more stable brain running the STEM System and I think Joseph would fit that bill nicely.  Think about, Joseph was the one disabling all the heavy duty bomb doors.  When Sebastian was alone he never had doors like those.  Joseph figured out what the horse statues were about in the scene before the church.   He also figured out what the numbers on the wall meant in that one part.  It was also Joseph who figured out that if they go back to Beacon Mental Hospital, they would get the answers they were looking for.  Joseph was the brains and Sebastian was the muscle.  And I'm sure problem solving capabilities were one of the things Mobius were looking for in their new candidate to run the STEM System.

So where do we go from here?  Well, there is still one more DLC yet to come out, but I don't know if that's really going to add much more to the story, because it's just about The Keeper (dude with the safe for a head).  But I did here something about there being an The Evil Within 2, but I really don't expect to have that rumor confirmed at least until E3 in June, but more than likely, if they are going to announce a sequel to The Evil Within, they'll probably make that announcement during Tokyo Game Show in September.  Really, there's enough left out there that a sequel would be great, but I would like to see Shinji's studio do some other things too.

Oh an interesting note, Shinji didn't direct The Assignment or The Consequence, some other guy did, which is why the DLC games are a bit different than the original games.

Getting back on topic, where can we go from here?  Ruvik is out in the real world, planning on doing we don't even want to know what.  And see if Dr. Jimenez had left him alone with his pain, none of this would have happened.  Then there's Myra, who is she and what's her stake in all of this?  Why is she with Mobius?  And is that Sebastian's wife?  Kidman is marked for...?  I don't know, death?  Becoming the new Administrator?  Going back to dealing drug?  We don't know!?  And what about Sebastian, what will happen to him, because he's still having problems (hearing that high-pitched sound) after being connected to the wireless STEM System?  What also happened to all those people around Beacon when Jimenez set the wireless STEM off?  Will we ever see Save Cat again?  And will Save Cat still be packing a gun?  And how does a cat have a gun?  Where did it get the license for a gun?  And who issues a gun to a cat?  Ok well, maybe the last set of questions aren't important, but still, it's a valid concern, having a cat with a gun.

Ok never-mind about Save Cat!  The other questions are what we need answers too and as I said, I don't think the next DLC is going to provide us with those answers.  Although I may be pleasantly surprised, for the time being I'll have to wait, because there hasn't been any news about the next installment coming out.  Hopefully it will come out soon.

Overall when it comes to The Consequence, it wasn't super duper scary like The Assignment was, but it did wrap up things nicely.  I really enjoyed watching it and one day, when I get The Evil Within for PS4, I'll probably break down and play The Consequence. Well sort of!  There are some parts with Clompy I just know would make me violently ill if I played them.  But either way, it was a good time and I am very satisfied with The Evil Within series.
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