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My husband the theif...

I was having a rough night trying to sleep, then I had a super weird dream this morning that I was something called Agressive Sailor Moon.  I even had a transformation sequence and everything...  I was all burly and I beat up on these people and my tagline was, "In the name of the agressive moon, I will punish you."  I have no earthly clue why I would dream I was "Agressive Sailor Moon", but that was pretty awesome (or something) I guess.

However, I had a rough sleeping night and I kept waking up off and on all night.  One of these times I woke up, I woke up because Jose was trying to steal my pillow out from under my head again.  Yes, again, because he had done this to me two times before.  Each of the previous times, I was contently sleeping and next thing I know, I wake up to him pulling the pillow out from under my head.  The first time it happened, I was shocked and appalled.  The second time I was really kind of shocked, but vowed to fight for my pillow if it ever happened again, so when this time happened, I was ready to do battle.

So again, I am sleeping and I feel his hands start to pull at my pillow and I wake up, but I was ready, so I yanked on the pillow, but he kept trying.  Mind you, Jose is a very deep sleeper, so he has no idea any of this was going on, or had happened twice in the past.  So we're both yanking on my pillow, but thankfully he gives up and rolls over on his side.  Then has the nerve to grumble something in his sleep about not wanting something, so na!  At this point I am very much awake and I'm like, this dude is crazy!  But at least this time I was the winner of the pillow battle!

Geez...  I swear, life in this house is so crazy sometimes.
Tags: come on now?!, dreams, jose, married life, really?!, what?!

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