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Really, really quickly

I wanted to cover this more indept, but I'm kinda sleepy and I need to get something to eat before proceeding with some of the stuff I need to do today.

So The Evil Within The Executioner comes out next week and I really wasn't interested in it too much.  The main storyline had been wrapped up with Kidman's story, plus The Executioner is an FPS type game, and I don't like FPS games.  I figured I would watch it, but not get too deep about it.  Then this happened:

Who is this chick?  Why is The Keeper treating her with care?  Or at least it looks like he's treating her with care, for all I know he could be taking her off somewhere to take out her brain then put it in the spikey sack he carries with all the other disembodied brains.

I thought The Keeper was supposed to be a creation of Ruvik stemming from his obsession with keeping his research in a safe and all of Ruvik's malice.  So if that's not the case and he was an unfortunate victim of the STEM System, who is that woman and what is her significance?  I have to know!!!

Oh and P.S.  They love using Evil Joseph in these DLC stories don't they?

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