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On a more serious note now

Yesterday marriage equality for everyone was passed.  I don't want to call it "gay marriage" because why should sexual preference make a difference in whom someone loves and wants to spend their life with?  Anyone is capable of love regardless of the labels/ categories we humans choose to place on things and I really don't like to stamp labels on each and every facet of humanity, so I choose to call it what it really is, marriage equality for all!

This is something that is LONG overdue.  Both Jose and I agree that no governing body has the right to step in and say, "Hey, you can't marry that person because of X reason!" That is not the reason we have government.  No government should take a stance against something just because of their own religious or personal views.  We elect officials to represent what we as a collective want, not what a couple of loud-mouths deem what is in their best interests because some ancient text said it was right or because they don't understand or fear something different then their norms.  For sometime, the collective has said, "Hey, we want marriage equality for everyone", but a few kept deeming that it wasn't right.

You wanna know a marriage that isn't right?  A marriage of a 6 year old girl to a man who is 4 times her age.  And on their wedding night the man rapes her so brutally that the injuries she sustained ends her life (yes, this really happened).  Those are the kinds of marriages that people of all faiths should be speaking out against, because a child can't consent to marriage let alone sexual intercourse.  But no, it's easier to point consenting adults who have mutually agreed to love each other and hold that as the shining example of being quote unquote, "unnatural".  Give me a break!

Honestly, unless you are one of the two people who is about to get married, who you marry is no one else business.  Nor is whom you sleep with, whom you eat with, who you start a family with!  None of it is anyone's business except those DIRECTLY involved.  If you're not one of those people that are DIRECTLY involved, how did the old kids saying go, "This is between A and B so C your way out of it"!

I'm going to bottom line the entire issue of Gay Rights.  If you are prejudice against Gays, then it's not a far jump to say you'd be prejudiced against, Blacks, or Latinos, or Asians, or Jewish people, or actors, or Muslims, or musicians, or writers, or cosplayers, or backgammon enthusiasts, or avid poker players, or Lolita's, or people who flip houses for a living, or any of the myriad of non-conformist people who make up the human race.  To me, if you have prejudice in your heart for one group, you potentially have prejudice for anyone who doesn't fit into a set social standard!  And the argument of "But I have X friend" doesn't make you ANY LESS prejudice either!  You're just hanging out with that person because they managed to somewhat conform to your standards and therefore you "tolerate" them.  "Tolerance" is NOT "Acceptance".

I hate that people want to teach "tolerance".  To me "tolerance" works like this,"I don't really like you, I hate what you believe, and I'll always be judging you, but I guess you can hang around me, but not my more important my friends".  That's what I think of when I think of "tolerance".  I prefer "acceptance".  "Acceptance" to me is, "Hey, we may not agree on this topic, but you're still awesome!  So let's hangout as much as possible!"

So yes, I think marriage equality for all is a good thing.  Yes, there will be people who will try to say, "Wah wah wah, state's rights!  State's Rights!" and try to keep people from marrying, but dude, that is so illegal and the state will go bankrupt quickly with all the lawsuits.  Mississippi, yeah I'm talking to you!  You are still the Poorest State in the Union, so I don't think you can afford any lawsuits coming your way any time soon.  Then again what can I expect from a state that finally ratified the 13th Amendment just TWO F&*KING YEARS AGO!!! What the hell was the holdout Mississippi?!  Didn't think the whole letting slaves free thing would last that long?  F*&KING REALLY?!?!?!?!

However, I think the holdout states will eventually pull their heads out of their rumps and march bravely into...  I don't know?  1999...  I doubt they'll march bravely into the 21st century, that's a bit of a stretch for some of these people.  The most we can hope for is that they'll march bravely into 1999.  But the late 90's wasn't a terrible time really.  Anything is better than the twisted 1950's mentality they cling to.

Love knows no gender, race, nationality, religion, sexuality, creed, or even species.  Yes, even animals are capable of love.  After all penguins mate for life, as to Gibbons, wolves, French angelfish, voles, and yes even the symbol of American freedom, the bald eagle mates for life and all out of love.   Love is something that ALL religions preach and something all humans are capable of.  And the moment you do not love or carry love for your fellow humans, that is when your humanity is lost.  And since animals love too that makes you...  I guess a CHUD.  And no one ever wants to be a CHUD.

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