aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

And now for a quick addendum...

To all those people whom after marriage equality passed proclaimed that they were "Moving to Canada", first and foremost, don't nobody want you!  Trust me, Canada has suffered enough and they don't need any dumbass Americans coming in and blowing up their spot!  Especially whiney little douche-nozzels who can't hack people actually being treated like human beings!

Secondly, Canada has had marriage equality for the last 10 years, so sorry to burst your bubble there.  Maybe you fools should go somewhere like Australia.  Not that I'm advocating people blow up someone elses spot, but hey, if you think anywhere else is better go ahead a leave!  We'll be better off without you!.  And good luck with all the poisonous animals that roam around there, I hope a blue ringed octopus bites you!
Tags: aa-chan the advocate

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