aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

The land of the rising sun and fangirl dreams...

In case you aren't on my Facebook I am currently in Japan until the 19th.  So far it's been not too bad.  I can't read for jack, and my speaking is limited to super basic things like please, thank you, and pardon me.  Boy,if it's one thing I can say is sumemasen.  That has come out of my mouth a lot.  Overall though, I am having a good time.

Yesterday Jose and I ventured to Shinjuku and taking the train was quite an adventure, especially on the way back, because t we had to take 4 trainsback to the hotel. As much as I am desperated to go to Harajuku and Akiharaba I am very nervous to take the train by myself.  I am super scared of getting lost, especially when I don't speak the language well and can't read the language at all.  I should have paid attention in class back when I was a Japanese major.

Overall, I've not had a lot of stares, except for when I don't have my decolletage is visible. I do try to keep it covered with sweaters and such, but it truly is what it is.

So far I like being here and I'll post a little each day about my adventures in Japan.

Tags: jose, world traveler

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