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I am one of these ladies...

Sorry about such vulgarity right off the cuff, but that particular avatar was the perfect for this entry.

I wanted to post this on Facebook, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

When I came back from Japan, Mom said to me that she couldn't bare to watch them because of my potty mouth as it were.  I did warn people that there was some language content, so she shouldn't have been that surprised.  But if I post a video semi-publicly to Facebook, I will try to leave the potty mouth at the door.

But the thing is... I like cursing.  I like cursing a lot.  I actually find myself cursing a lot more these days than I EVER have previously in life!  And that includes attending Martin Luther King High School for four years.  They may as well had taught a class in swearing, you kinda didn't really learn much else.  No offence to my former teachers; I mean quite honestly they did the best they could with what they had, which wasn't much believe me!

However, I saw this skit on Buzzfeed (I'm pretty addicted to Buzzfeed) and I really wanted to post it on Facebook, but I copped out and I'm posting it here.  Enjoy!  Or should I say F*#king enjoy!

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